Phosphorescent road markings fascinate the internet

Phosphorescent road markings fascinate the internet

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An Australian company has been testing a new type of traffic marking for road safety. These mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark lines are meant to help drivers better anticipate hazards.

Photos of this phosphorescent road sign, tested on a kilometer of Australian road, have already been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook. and post on reddit simply marked ” Australian company introduces glow-in-the-dark highway paint technology » also a total of more than 47,000 “upvotes” with thousands of influxes in the comments. The company behind this visual marking test is called Tarmac Linemarking. Based in Victoria, Australia, she spoke reported the exchange in the article.

The initiative is part of a government “trial” to test “innovative treatments” on roads with a total budget of $4 million. Its official name: photoluminescent edge treatment “. Of course, its purpose is not to make the roads look like something from a science fiction movie, although it is probably this effect that made it famous. The purpose of the phosphorescent color is to improve the visibility of the signs themselves, but also of the surrounding signs. The aim is also to mark intersections more clearly and curves so that drivers can better anticipate changes and adapt their driving.

What impact on the environment?

Its activity is a priori quite similar to that of any phosphorescent object. The color absorbs light energy during the day and releases it at night. Will this be enough to keep the road phosphorescent all night? According to a company spokesperson, the light should last “most of the night” after a sunny day. However, he remained quite evasive about how cloudy weather might affect the device.

Assuming the signage is still lit for a significant part of the night, this should cover the times when certain animals are likely to cross the road. However, some internet users wonder about the impact of this specific color on the environment. No answer has really been given on this important topic.

According to the entrepreneurs, this does not prevent some companies from promoting their enthusiasm for the project. John Emanuelli, one of the officials who spoke to, is reported to have said that since the trial was announced on Metong Road in south-east Victoria, he had been “… overwhelmed by businesses and communities trying to light their way “. According to the company, the interest of this marking is not limited to the road. They could be useful for marking dark parking lots or even for lowering ramps.

A lot of testing will probably still need to be done to achieve this goal, if only to accurately assess the real benefit of the device compared to the reflective strips already in use today. Meanwhile, that doesn’t stop internet users from admiring these futuristic roads. In particular, they do not tire of comparing these designations with those that can be found in the universe of the famous movie Tron.

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