Pays de Pontivy: anonymous and free reception for children aged 12 to 25

Pays de Pontivy: anonymous and free reception for children aged 12 to 25

In the PAEJ du pays de Pontivy reception hall, from left to right: Delphine Gicquel, clinical psychologist; Élodie Kerambrun, professional educator; Erell Dugue, director. ©Pontivy Journal

A year has passed since PAEJ from the land of Pontiva (Morbihan) exist. A year away from the team Reception and listening area for young people establish contact with all partners and actors in the sector. A year later, PAEJ is established on the territory and benefits from itroom in the middle of the school district in Pontivesreceive young from 12 to 25 years, anonymously and free, release.

“This is the place to listen first”

“It’s a universal welcome for all ages,” explains Erell Dugué, director of SeSam Bretagne (a mutual support service). It is aimed at young people, of course, but also at teachers, families (parents, grandparents, etc.) and loved ones (friends, couple, etc.) to guide them when a parent is having trouble with their teenager. It is a listening place for any difficulty, whether at school or at the level of family relationships, addictions…”

Depending on the nature of the difficulty, young people between the ages of 12 and 25 are redirected to other services and actors present in the territory, such as psychological care, Maison du département, social workers, care offices, wise men-women, pharmacies, doctors …

PAEJ is the place of first listening. It can be one interview or several meetings before another structure follows. And anonymization allows them to offer a safe space.

Erell Dugué, director of SeSam Bretagne

Psychologist and educator

At the PAEJ du pays de Pontivy, there are two experts on site: Delphine Gicquel, a clinical psychologist, and Élodie Kerambrun, a specialized pedagogue.

Our role is to detect the situation before specialized treatment.

Élodie Kerambrun, special educator

“We are going to meet with school nurses to spread this information to high school students,” continues Delphine Gicquel. Work continues for the public of Pontivyan High School through the establishment of weekly hotlines such as Gros-Chêne, Joseph-Loth…” Our main work is to meet the adults who are closest to the young people: the sister school redirects the young people who come to us,” explains the clinical psychologist.

Hot lines

The PAEJ team in Pays de Pontivy will set up offices in the communes around Pontivy, as well as in Noyal-Pontivy after the school progresses (at the youth department, rue des écoles).

It is good to be mobile, barriers to mobility exist for young people and parents. We will have 5 to 7 reception places around Pontiva.

Erell Dugué, director of SeSam Bretagne

Go to sports volunteers

The team will develop its partnerships, especially with other actors who are in direct contact with young people: sports volunteers, so that they can better identify our structure to be there for young people from 12 years old. “The associative fabric, which is very dense in the town of Pontivy, where teenagers pass through all week, and also associations very present in the surrounding municipalities…

Videos: currently on Actu

In addition to developing its presence, the PAEJ team continues with preventive actions (e.g. based on consent) within establishments or by welcoming groups of vulnerable members of the public to their new premises, “so that everyone gives a face to the professionals, to be ever closer to them. ”

3,894 young Bretons welcomed PAEJ in 2021

The place to receive and listen to young people (PAEJ) in the country of Pontivy is anonymous, confidential, free of charge, without any administrative procedures. It depends on SeSat Brittanyassociation created in 1994, which he also manages ZESTthey Parent listening points.

The PAEJ du pays de Pontyvy was created to fill a gap in the territory of central Brittany, by request Brittany region azRegional Health (ARS), who are sponsors with Cafe Morbihan and Community of Pontiva.

There are 14 PAEJs in Brittany (the number is increasing with new establishments far from large cities) managed by several associative actors. In 2021, they welcomed 3,894 young Bretons for more than 11,000 interviews conducted.

Practical information: Place of reception and listening of young people (PAEJ) from the land of Pontivy at avenue Napoléon-Ier 9 (in the courtyard, behind the porch) in Pontivy. With or without appointment, open Monday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.; permanence at universities and secondary schools, at town halls. The telephone exchange is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 02 97 35 44 23. Website:

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