Pays de Fougères: for them, the New York Marathon is a family affair

Pays de Fougères: for them, the New York Marathon is a family affair

Bernard Gautier, Eliane Gautier-Lorandel, Mickaël Faisant were not afraid of obstacles when preparing for their marathon. ©Hervé PITTONI

Sport is a matter of performance, but also a matter of human relationships. The three residents of Coglais confirm this by preparing New York Marathonwhich will take place on Sunday, November 6.

Bernard Gautier (Gates of Coglais)his sister Eliana and Elian’s companion, Mickaël Faisant (Maen Roch)together they will launch this event, one of the most prestigious on the planet.

Twenty-ninth for Bernard

For Bernard, it will be…the twenty-ninth marathon!

“I have run thirteen times more than Mont-Saint-Michel, I have also participated in those in Paris, Rotterdam, Nice, Cannes, Caen…” enumerates the runner, a well-known face of running enthusiasts in the region. With passages under three hours three times.

Bernard, now 62 years old, got into running late (age 36) after a career as a football player.

Eliane Gautier-Lorantel also running for a long time (Vigilante Fougères, AL Saint-Marc). At the age of 48, he will participate in his fifth marathon.

Mickaël discovers the event by his side: “It will be my first marathon. After twenty-five years, I stopped running,” he smiles. The goal for the future AL Saint-Marc and Eliane license holder: to cover 42,195 km in four hours…or less!

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Originally, the trio had rather planned to assemble in New York in 2024. But through a friend Bernard, a runner specialized in this type of trip, the opportunity arose to do it this year.

We had to put together a training program, check that passports were up to date or would be available…

D-Day is approaching and the three drivers will be ready: all that is missing is the jerseys that the trio prepared for New York. We cannot find the logo of the fifteen sponsors who accompany them.

“The jerseys we’ll be wearing after New York, at our next races.”

facebook page Briçois Trio at the New York Marathon.

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