Pauline, who specializes in customizing furniture, opens a pop-up boutique in Ponts-et-Marais

Pauline, who specializes in customizing furniture, opens a pop-up boutique in Ponts-et-Marais

Pauline Soudans offers to give your furniture a second life. (© The Informer / Augustin Thibouw)

You don’t like your furniture anymore, it’s too old, don’t throw it away, give it a look. This is what Pauline Sudanese for a few weeks in his temporary shop in the premises of La Source in Ponts-et-Marais (Seine-Maritime). The adventure started a year ago with the creation Upcycrea, his company. “Coming from Pure Creation”, explains the designer.


Pauline quit her job as P.E. teacher (physical and sports education) in order to pursue his new passion.

I did it from home, part-time with my old job, and have been full-time since this summer. I refurbish furniture that I resell or custom make for customers based on what they want to refurbish on their furniture.

Pauline Sudanesemanager of Upcycrea

Ecological dimension

But that’s not all, she can even hunt down a piece of furniture if the client asks her exactly what she wants. His personal touch? and wallpaper : “Place the wallpaper on the bottom of the furniture or directly on the furniture”.

In addition, he makes a lot of creations around the reuse of objects. “I make homemade candles from old dishes, I make portable lamps from old chandeliers,” says Pauline Soudans. “Second hand, imaginationecological responsibility for the well-being of the planet is very important to me. These are values ​​that I attach great importance to and that is why I founded my company.”

with your partner Marine Padthey hope to open their shop on the pedestrian zone in the coming weeks Eu city.

Contact on 06 66 75 90 67.

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