Paris crack: up to five years in prison for Guyanese network

Paris crack: up to five years in prison for Guyanese network

A Paris court ruled Wednesday, September 28, 2022, on a network accused of importing and trafficking crack cocaine in Paris. (© SL / news Paris)

Dealing with crack is complicated. Proceedings held on September 28, 2022 in the 14th chamber of the main court Paris did not deviate from this statement. Four individuals were on trial, each accused of playing different roles in the drug ring. Penalties were up to five years in prison.

Anonymous call

The facts are like a puzzle whose first piece was obtained through an anonymous tip. During the summer of 2022, he advised the police to follow Josué P. .

The police find out that this man is often present in the area metro line 9, going back and forth and interacting with possible drug addicts. He sometimes hides objects in his stomach pouch.

Bicarbonate and white matter

Josué P. is tapped. He talks a lot in Guyanese Creole with a certain Marvin F. . Lots of code names in the news. It is primarily about cooking. The police detained two individuals who had scales, bags, baking soda and knives with traces of a white substance on them.

The matter does not end there. Marvin F. is in constant exchange with a third person named Rolstom B. who often travels back and forth between France and Guyana. At the end of August, he asks Marvin F. to book a hotel nearby North Station. Rostolm B. is coming from Guyana, but not alone! By his side, Jérémy H. . The two men go to the hotel room. The police join them and appear amid the stench of excrement, cocaine eggs.

Cooked chef

The quartet were questioned at length during the hearing this Wednesday, to no avail. The puzzle gradually disintegrated like a crushed cake under the non-answers of the defendants. Sometimes they don’t know or they retract their answers given during the investigation and condemn the practices of falsification and intimidation by the police. Sometimes we play with words, like when the President talks about a message from Marvin F. Josué P. explaining to him that he just “cooked.”

“It was real cooking, not crack making,” the main bidder defends. “So why does your boyfriend pick up food for you both before he goes home?” countered the president. No answer.

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Move up the chain

“The background of this case is the international drug trade, especially crack, which is a real scourge in Paris. Today, this is a relatively rare phenomenon, because we can have a fairly complete panorama of the chain, which goes from the importation of cocaine to the sale,” said the prosecutor. In a lengthy indictment, the judge tried to clear this forest of elements and approximations.

It calls for up to five years in prison

The public prosecutor thus distributed the requested sentences according to the possible involvement and role of the defendants. For Jérémy H. mule: ten months solid. For Josué P., subway clerk: 20 months in prison, five suspended. Chef Marvin F., meanwhile, was asked to serve 24 months in prison, with eight suspended. Finally, Rolstom B., the potential importer, the punishment is the most severe: five years in prison.

These claims were vigorously contested by the defense. The lawyers said they were “appalled by such high sentences” and decried the lack of clarity in the case, which should primarily benefit the defendants. The trial was adamant: 20 months in prison for subway dealer Josué P., 18 months in prison for chef Marvin F., one year in prison (modifiable) for mule Jérémy H. and five years in prison for Rolstm B..

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