Paimpol town centre: traders point to a sense of uncertainty

Paimpol town centre: traders point to a sense of uncertainty

In Paimpol, traders on rue Saint-Vincent and adjacent streets are sounding the alarm in the face of the sense of uncertainty that reigns in the sector. © La Presse d’Armor

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, merchant from rue Saint-Vincent, in Paimpol (Côtes-d’Armor)had to do call the gendarmerie, then the municipal police ” to come calm down our street and evacuate a dozen highly alcoholic and very noisy individuals, as well as their pack of dogs and their accordion! The latter, quietly installed on the sidewalk between Carrefour City and Vertumne, had a very “celebratory” feel and motivated to enliven the neighborhood with its music, bottles of alcohol and the smell of cannabis! »

One episode among others, but the cup is full.

In a long e-mail addressed to his colleagues and the town hall, he condemns insults, arguments in the middle of the street.

An “unhealthy” atmosphere she felt rising in recent months and intensifying this summer.

Insults, arguments…

“Is it normal for merchants to worry about their employees during closing hours? Is it normal for them to start their work day with a very thorough daily window cleaning (vomit, urine, bottles, papers, cigarettes, etc.)? »

His neighbors were also quick to respond to the email and tongues were loosened.

One of them testified that he suffered when his shop was closed assault by a man under the influence of alcohol.

“One of the regular squatters on the street, when I was alone after 7 p.m., came into the shop and threatened me with a dog on a leash and cursed at me (…), fortunately his violence did not remain. just verbal but very intense. I was scared. »

This businessman wanted to equip his employees tear gas bombs and suggests that he has been thinking about it for some time.

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In this context, another merchant decided to challenge a security company.

“Shootings” or “traffic signs” on the sidewalk are mentioned.

Feeling insecure

“Everyone is doing their best, I know these people are in trouble and I don’t want to start a controversy,” explains the trader who triggered the alert.

She would like to alcohol is no longer sold to people who are already drunk.

Above all, he deplores the sense of uncertainty that hangs around “while everyone is working hard to make the street attractive and Paimpol has always been a great town.”

He regrets that now in the neighborhood elderly women are afraid to let their dogs out “as soon as the shops are closed”.

“I also worry about my children, my staff, if the weather and day are good, but winter is coming…”

Emergency Task Force

On Thursday, September 29 Mayor Fanny Chappé responded to the merchants’ email.

If he reminds that the agglomeration, the ÚKSÚP and the city police carry out essential work to create “sustainable events intended for this public in trouble”, he nevertheless identifies the urgency of the situation in the case under discussion.

The town hall also recognizes this the problem has been growing for some time.

“I have decided to urgently create a working group composed of elected representatives, the commander of the gendarmerie brigade and the relevant city services” (…), which will have to issue “specific proposals”

Fanny Chappé, Mayor of Paimpol

The town hall also asked local police further strengthen its presence in the city center.

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