Our neighborhoods in Dieppe have incredible talent: Ante Mortem makes role-playing known

Our neighborhoods in Dieppe have incredible talent: Ante Mortem makes role-playing known

In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), the Ante Mortem association organizes the Sea and Fantastic Worlds festival. (©DR)

As a part competition Our neighborhoods Dieppe (Seine Maritime) they have incredible talent scheduled for October 1, 2022, your diary Information about Dieppe decided to pass portraits different participants.

We present to you the 12th candidate: the Ante Mortem association. We remind you that the goal of the competition is to highlight Dieppe residents with talent or know-how that is not visible.

This time it’s an association of RPG players in Dieppe who have grown up and no longer have time to gather for these games.

Festival in July

Members left their living room tables and played roles at festivals, carnivals. They created videos, backdrops, costumes, drew on their past and their imaginations.

The association offers its services for the animation of events and the rental of costumes and backdrops. She also created her own event: a festival that looks like her and that commemorates the city where it takes place. This festival is Sea and Fantastic Worlds, the 3rd year of which will be held on July 8 and 9, 2023.

It takes place in the Château-Museum of Dieppe and offers different atmospheres: pirate, fantasy, medieval.

We would have more space, more time, more money, we would add steampunk, manga, Romans, Gauls… Not really, as we think it’s important that the festival is not too big, that everyone feels comfortable there and can take full advantage of every place , such as the market, spaces reserved for artists and authors, the castle museum collections, concerts and performances, games and workshops for all and ensembles.

Ante Mortem

If the association wins the competition, it invests in straw, wood, accommodation for volunteers, gifts for competitions, subsidies, posters, banners and leaflets.

Videos: currently on Actu

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