Our Dieppe neighborhoods have incredible talent: painting, drawing and creative arts of all kinds

Our Dieppe neighborhoods have incredible talent: painting, drawing and creative arts of all kinds

Each of these four women has a manual talent that will highlight during the competition that our districts of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) have incredible talent. (©DR)

As a part competition Our neighborhoods Dieppe (Seine Maritime) have an incredible talent scheduled for October 1, 2022, your newspaper Les Informations dieppoises has decided to hand over portraits some problems participants.

We present to you the candidates on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th: Sarah Faker, Aurélie and Sylviane Mallet and Chloé Seron. We remind you that the goal of the competition is to highlight Dieppe residents with talent or know-how that is not visible.

Drawing and diamond painting

Sarah Faker, a former sales clerk in menswear, has always had a passion for drawing, “my escape bubble”. Her father is a designer and she always liked to reproduce his drawings.

“They allow me to escape. The drawings I reproduce very often evoke in me a feeling and above all mysterious worlds,” he says.

He accidentally drew a tattoo for some relatives. In order to perform in her art, she applied to the Oxygène art school. Sarah would like to teach adults and/or children and at the same time strengthen her skills:

“Drawing, in my opinion, allows people with emotional difficulties to flourish. If she won the competition, she would like funding for drawing-related training.

Chloé Seron, works at Esat of Bacqueville-en-Caux. She likes to paint diamonds. According to her, this requires patience and precision. If she wins this contest, she would like to win coloring books or colored pencils.

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embroidery and painting

Sylviane Mallet is a retired former seamstress and interior designer by training. She participates in ceramic workshops at the Oxygène art school, is a singer in the association’s choir and also embroiders for the benefit of people in need.

“I enjoy embroidery and painting the most. I loved my work so much that I wanted to continue sewing and embroidery in retirement,” she confides.

She makes bookmarks, Christmas balls, invitations… And she has been painting since she was 10 years old. If she wins this contest, she needs embroidery supplies like embroidery thread and Aida fabrics.

Finally, his disabled daughter Aurélie is also a choir singer and has two great loves in life: painting and ceramics.

The passion for painting and ceramics was transferred to him by his mother, “at first it was a job, but over time it became a real passion. I model everything I love.” If she wins the competition, she needs brushes, but also modeling books.

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