Order.  Here are the municipalities where property tax in the Toulouse agglomeration has increased the most

Order. Here are the municipalities where property tax in the Toulouse agglomeration has increased the most

Toulouse has not touched tax rates this year, but some municipalities in the agglomeration have changed them. With the base increase recorded by the state, the property tax in all municipalities automatically increases. An upward trend that has become even more pronounced in recent years. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

This has been a constant in recent years and you saw it again at the start of the school year in September 2022. property tax increased.

Between 2021 and 2022, it grew by 4.7% in France’s 200 largest cities,

Between 2016 and 2021, the numbers are particularly telling in the Toulouse Métropole territory, as the National Property Tax Observatory of the National Union of Property Owners (UNPI) reports in its annual report published in mid-October.

A significant increase

During this period, there is a significant upward trend in property tax in most municipalities.

In most cases, this is indeed a significant increase. The sharpest increase in rates is on debit Bruguières (+54.1% including rent increase, editor’s note)before St. Alban (+48.7%) and Fonbeauzard (+38.9%).

The mayor of Bruguières, Philippe Plantade, admits “because our rates have remained very low for decades, we have increased rates from 8 to 17%, which will give us visibility in three or four years”.

For the city councilor, this increase in local taxes was necessary to “maintain the same quality of services in the municipality, to balance the budget, which has been negative for the last two years, and to anticipate future investments in order to manage the increase in demographics in the municipality. north of Toulouse’.

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It must be said that the needs are numerous in Bruguières, as everywhere in the agglomeration where the demographics are exploding.

“We have a crèche, Le Bascala concert hall which is directly managed, we have a municipal music school and an association shuttle that transports our children. We didn’t want to cut all these services and we had to increase what we did when the state abolished the housing tax. We also anticipated the delivery of the second school group in 2023, a facility that would cost us 5 million euros and which would then cost us 300,000 euros in operating costs each year. We are also going to invest in another central kitchen,” explains the mayor, who assures that he will not raise taxes next year.

Numbers for qualification

Before we go any further, the increase in the property tax rate in the three municipalities above does not mean that it is the taxpayers of those municipalities who pay the most local taxes in the agglomeration. It is also really necessary to look at the tax bases to know the actual amount of taxation in these municipalities. Municipalities that will sharply increase their tax rate in the period 2016-2021 may have had rather low tax rates until then.

Here are the property tax increases (between 2016 and 2021) in the 37 municipalities of Toulouse Métropole:

  1. Bruguieres (+54.1%)
  2. St. Alban (+48.47%)
  3. Fonbeauzard (+36.1%)
  4. Gratentour (+35.7%)
  5. Brax (+35.5%)
  6. Aigrefeuille (+34.7%)
  7. Beauzelle (+34.5%)
  8. Saint-Jory (+30.6%)
  9. Colomiers (+28.5%)
  10. Mondouzil (+28.4%)
  11. Launaguet (+28.3%)
  12. sunflower (+27.3%)
  13. Gagnac-sur-Garonne (+27.2%)
  14. Ramonville-Saint-Agne (+26.6%)
  15. Aucamville (+26.2%)
  16. Montrabe (+25.4%)
  17. Mons (+25.1%)
  18. Lespinasse (+24.3%)
  19. Pibrac (+24.1%)
  20. Villeneuve-Tolosane (+23.4%)
  21. Cornebarrieu (+ 23.3%)
  22. Dremil-Lafage (+22.8%)
  23. Seilh (+22.5%)
  24. Union (+22.5%)
  25. Mondonville (+22.1%)
  26. Saint-Orens-de-Gameville (+21.1%)
  27. Aussonne (+20.4%)
  28. Beaupuis (+18.7%)
  29. Portet-sur-Garonne (+18.7%)
  30. Castelginest (+17.5%)
  31. Pin Balm (+15.5%)
  32. Plaisance-du-Touch (+11.3%)
  33. Cugnaux (+11.17%)
  34. Labège (+9.3%)
  35. Lacroix-Falgarde (+9.1)
  36. Blagnac (+8.9%)
  37. fluorene (+7.7%)
  38. Quint-Fonsegrives (+7.5%)
  39. Saint John (+7.4%)
  40. Balma (+7.6%)
  41. Old Toulouse (+7.4%)
  42. Leguevin (+6.3%)
  43. Toulouse (+6.1%)
  44. Fenouillet (+0.3%)

It also increases with inflation

These increases are just the beginning. Due to inflation, the revaluation of rental bases that go into the property tax calculation will be around 7% in 2023, up from 3.4% this year and 0.2% in 2021.

How is property tax calculated?

As a reminder, property tax on built-up properties (TFPB), from the technical name property tax, is calculated by multiplying the base, which results from the property valuation by the administration, and the rate. The first data is provided by the state and local authorities vote on the rate.

Municipal rates have changed little this year

For residents of the agglomeration, municipal rates have not necessarily changed much this year. This is especially the case in Toulouse. The intermunicipal rate also remained stable.

“Taxation in Toulouse Métropole has not changed since 2015,” insisted Sacha Briand, vice-president of finance, also deputy mayor of Toulouse. “When we compare ourselves to other cities, we can clearly see that there is a real effort to control taxation while our area is developing.”

At a constant rate, the increase is therefore interrupted by inflation.

New tax this year

When it came to paying property tax, the inhabitants of Toulouse Métropole could not miss the first appearance of the “Gemapi” tax. If this tax for water environment management and flood prevention is optional, the intercity authority decided to activate it for the first time last spring.

This tax, better known as the ‘flood tax’, is intended to finance expenditure related to waterway management and flood risks.

It was introduced this year at the intercity level, as it became the competence of the Toulouse Métropole.

This year, this represents a few euros more for each of the households living in the Toulouse Métropole area.

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