Opening of two solidarity shops in L’Aigle

Opening of two solidarity shops in L’Aigle

Dorian Lepelletier will be the sole employee of the two ©Le Réveil Normand stores at the moment

Dorian Lepelletier he was 19 years old and grew up in L’Aigle (Orne), after studying personal care and services he decided to change branches and start opening two clothing stores.

Part of the sale was donated to disabled children

He owes his first sales experience to his father, who was a businessman, and also to his father Christmas marketl of the city. In this market, Dorian sold wellness products such as candles or essential oils, but his heart finally stopped when selling clothes.

Who says two shops means twice as much paperwork, twice as much work, but also two different concepts. In the first shop, Your pleasureopened a month ago, the one that happened the youngest merchant in L’Aigleoffers clothes on consignment.

I pick up my clothes every Wednesday.

Dorian Lepelletier

IN second store, the concept is a little different, “I’m offering a sale, with clothes at bargain prices”. Prices range between 2 euros for less and 30 euros for the most expensive.

I found that there are too many shops in L’Aigle that sell expensive clothes and I want these clothes to remain available to everyone.

Dorian Lepelletier

Always in this perspective solidarity, “I donate a portion of my sales to handicapped children.” He considered this decision a good gesture, “when people give me clothes, I thought it was good to donate some of the money”.

Really, for clearance sale, Dorian Lepelletier only takes donated clothes. This second store is open for two weeks so far, then it will close to complete the work. Meanwhile, business advance sale will be opened.

“The Joy of Dressing Up”

In her stores there are clothes for men and women, but also for children and babies. As regards name shops that can make you smile, Dorian explains very simply, “it’s because it’s fun to dress up”.

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The flea market will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.. The consignment store is closed during the start of the sale. After that, the consignment shop will be open from From Tuesday to Saturday at the same time during work at the flea market.

Eventually, when both stores are up and running, they will be open every second day : sale one day, consignment shop the next.

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