On Halloween, at Le Mans, “Zombie Run”… in a former vaccination center!

On Halloween, at Le Mans, “Zombie Run”… in a former vaccination center!

The organizers of this Zombie Run: Orlane Guillot (Innov’events Le Mans), Josselin Le Toquin (Secret’Mans), Lisa Hiret (Innov’events Le Mans), Laura Bel (Re’Bel communication), Myriam Teffah and Clémence Aguilé (Innov ‘events Le Mans). © DR

This Saturday, October 29, hordes zombies will sweep across this commercial area north of Mans.

Since the departure of the brand, the place has been empty Indentation. Meanwhile, the old shop in Parc Manceau was occupied by a vaccination and screening for Covid-19.

For All Saints Eve participants of this first one are in for an immersive and terrifying experience “Zombie Run”, which will take place in two-hour sections, from 1 to 11 p.m.

Will you be a survivor… or a zombie?

in” Escape from zombies »you can choose to join the survivors’ camp: to get to the sanctuary, you will have to solve puzzles without stealing the scarves that symbolize lives…

Players will also be able to dress up as zombies to slow down the survivors.

“Each team will be composed” of 10 participants, for a total of 150 surviving players per session and 50 zombies,” say the organizers.

Prizes to be won

He proposed Innov’events Le Mans, Secret Mans and Re’Bel Communications, this game allows you to win prizes offered by partners (geek life festival, culture, magic…).

Videos: currently on Actu

Is possible register online or on site. The event is open to everyone from 16 years of age (13 years with an adult condition).

Saturday 29 October 2022, former Alinéa store, in Parc Manceau, in the northern business district of Le Mans, from 13:00 to 15:00, 17:00 to 19:00 and 21:00 to 23:00.
Online presale: €20 survivors and €10 zombies; on site on D-Day: €25 survivors and €15 zombies.Online ticket sales

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