October 27 strike: CGT calls for rally in L’Aigle

October 27 strike: CGT calls for rally in L’Aigle

CGT activists led a recruitment office for recruitment in all sectors ©Rémy CHABOT

Second mobilization in ten days. In a press release, the CGT of Orne called on “all workers, pensioners, young people or even the unemployed” to “take advantage of the inter-professional strike day” planned throughout the country and gather in front of the post office in L’Aigle (Orne) on Thursday October 27 in 5:30 p.m.

Union members demand priority salary raiseindex point, retreatsocial minimums and scholarships.

They also recalled theirs ten other key measures to know :

  • Amount of SMIC up to 2000 euros gross (i.e. 15 euros per hour)
  • Professional and pay equality between women and men
  • The recognition of diplomas during recruitment, the salary of the qualification at the same level, regardless of the sector in which one works
  • AND replacement income for all unemployed at least at the minimum wage level.
  • Increase in pensions pensioners with a minimum level equal to EUR 2,000 gross
  • AND contribution to autonomy for students and young people looking for a first job and increased wages for apprentices
  • Framing downwards rent and capping income (rent + fees) at 20% of household income
  • The VAT reduction 5.5% on basic necessities, including food and energy
  • The lower fuel pricesby drawing capital income from multinational companies in the oil sector
  • End of exceptions social and tax contributions, as well as the conditionality of public support for businesses.

The CGT hospital mobilized on October 18

The CGT union at L’Aigle Hospital had already called for mobilization and a strike at the same site on October 18, while demanding an increase of 300 euros net per month to be included “in all pay scales”. They thus opposed a bonus in the amount of 183 euros net per month intended only for “social-educational intervention workers, nursing staff of these structures, who would not have been promoted until then, and domestic helpers territorial assistance and support services in the home”.

The union is also planning a new day of action on November 10.

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