Nuclear: during the first public debate in Dieppe, the pro- and anti-nuclear positions remain

Nuclear: during the first public debate in Dieppe, the pro- and anti-nuclear positions remain

During the first public debate held in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), on Thursday, October 27, 2022, regarding the potential future nuclear program, they monopolized both pro- and anti-nuclear ground. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

This first one public debate around the new program nuclear took place peacefully on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at Dieppe (Seine Maritime).

In front of the entrance to Paul Eluard’s room in the town of Ango, anti-nuclear activists waved banners and peacefully distributed leaflets. About 150 people came to the hall to learn more about the usefulness of this public debate: elected officials, union representatives, energy company employees and managers, and even residents.

Talking time makes people unhappy

“Nuclear Tomorrow? We are discussing this today”, was the introduction – and the message – of this first meeting. Michel Badrethe president of the Special Commission for Public Debate, was in charge of answering questions from the public together with the moderator David Prothais.

If everyone could not speak or have answers to their questions, Michel Badré promised that all questions and answers would be published on the participatory debate platform.

If tolerance, respect and listening were the golden rules to follow during this meeting, speaking time would make people miserable. Seven minutes for speakers versus two for the public.

It raises questions instead of debate

The issue of the venue of the 10 public debates has raised questions. Like this former pro-nuclear EDF employee: “I’m a little surprised at the nationalization of this debate? Why go so far? It concerns me. We could have kept this debate more local. »

Michel Badré replied that the future nuclear program, if adopted, would last at least a century and that it affected the locals as well as all French people.

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An opinion shared by Mr. Boutin, pro France natural environment : “as a taxpayer, I will pay these EPR, so even for 100 km it concerns me”.

“Why didn’t Macron talk about this debate in his televised intervention yesterday? It could have interested as many people as possible,” wonders the representative of the public.

I hope he will hear

Xavier Ursat, an EDF representative, said the company approached this debate “with humility and openness. We learned a lot from previous projects. We hope that those who participate in the debate and do not have a clear opinion can get an idea, form a belief.”

Nevertheless, it was really the established people, the speakers and the public, who monopolized the floor.

Either by speaking out for or against nuclear power. Finally the former elected Petit Caux reminded of EDF’s financial power: “How can anyone as an elected official resist the financial temptation of EDF?” We can clearly see this in the municipalities around Petit-Caux, where our infrastructure is the envy of many. But we sacrifice our future generations, our great grandchildren will have nothing! »

Michel Badré tried to somehow answer all these questions. The French will have nine more meetings to press their vote, one of which is scheduled for Petit-Caux on December 12.

It will be next June when Parliament decides and everyone hopes that their word will carry weight in the decision-making powers.

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