Noyelles-sur-Mer: for Martial Balsam, mayorship is a real job

Noyelles-sur-Mer: for Martial Balsam, mayorship is a real job

Mayor from July 2022 Martial Balsamo intends to implement the projects presented during the 2020 municipal campaign in Noyelles-sur-Mer (Somme). (© The Journal of Abbeviille)

After downloading from Jean-Louis Demarest, the major of the town Noyelles-sur-Mer, (Total), Martial Balsamo he was elected to this position on July 21, 2022. Three months after taking over as head of the municipality, he talks about his election and his mandate.

News: Why did you accept the post of mayor?

Martial Balsamo: It just happened by itself. I didn’t want to fill this post. I was already the 1st deputy and Jean-Louis Demarest, in the face of illness, preferred to resign. However, he remains a city councilor.

“I took care of everyday matters”

Was your rise quick?

MB: There was also a lot of luck. I came in 2015 when I retired. In 2016, the mayor resigned (Jean-Michel Gay, editor’s note). I was registered in associations. There were no elected officials and I was offered the position of 3rd deputy. In 2020, I became the 1st representative in the last municipal elections. We know the rest of the story. But if another person wanted the position, no problem, I left it up to him. At the same time, being in the system means you wanted it. In addition, I was in charge of the regular business for 6 to 8 months.

Do you still owe a lot to your predecessor?

MB: He was the one who brought me there. He taught me the trade.

How do you see his succession?

MB: I am in the continuity of his work. No political change is taking place. Our program remains the same as the one we presented during the municipal election campaign. We share the same thoughts for the sake of the community.

Why are you talking about work when we are talking about the role of mayor?

MB: It’s a real job that takes a lot of time even in a small village like ours. Unless you are retired, this is not possible. There is always someone who wants to see us. If a resident encounters a problem with, for example, a telephone operator, they think that the mayor can handle the matter. Neighbor disputes are also to be settled. We have a social role.

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