Normandy Cup: this time US Trévières and US Maisons will have to decide

Normandy Cup: this time US Trévières and US Maisons will have to decide

US Maisons and US Trévières will meet in the first round of the Normandy Cup this Sunday. © DR

The beginning of the season

Alain Poitevin (Coach – President USA Trévières). “There is still room for improvement. We started the season well. Since the draw with AS Cahagnes (0-0) and our two wins against AS Saint-Vigor (B) (4-1) and against FC Saint-Paul du Vernay (2-1), we have been doing very well so far. allows us to be tied in second place. Several of our U18s have joined us and the mayonnaise is taking hold with the more experienced players. »

Jérémy Cardron (President of US Maisons). “After the withdrawal of CL Colombelles (B), we have just won our first four points in the championship. A lackluster or even disappointing start to the season. The first round of the Coupe de France gave us a tough draw. We did what we could against Hastings Rots. We believed it, but the logic was respected. AF Basly will be one of the tenors of the championship. A young team that continues to progress, coming off a spectacular course in D4. Trial by fire for us, but we ended up tripping on the carpet! Everywhere one at the break, but fatigue and pressure made the end of the match more cutting. Then we lost against AS Biéville-Beuville. »


Alain Poitevin (Coach – President USA Trévières). “Being in the top three to be sure of staying in Division 2 given the reform of the championships. We were getting less and less goals. Defensively we are tougher. In addition to being technically sound and able to move the ball, we never let go. »

Jérémy Cardron (President of US Maisons). “However, the start of our season is encouraging in terms of cohesion and attractiveness. We now have 45 graduates for our two senior teams. Very interesting players have joined us. They bring us their experience and their technique. Others, younger, wanted to donate their investment to a small structure like ours. Above all, we kept a very large part of the group from last year. We can only wish to stay in D3, but time will overcome our failures. The desire, the momentum of our end of last season shows that we were probably better than our final position. We can be ambitious. With all these new players and our two new coaches, our rebuild begins. The training sessions took place until the end of June so that our new players could integrate into the group. This long-term work will eventually bear fruit. »


Alain Poitevin (Coach – President USA Trévières). “We are afraid of a bad surprise because US Maisons has many former US Trévières players. This game should not be taken lightly. We all know each other. It’s a match that will be played on the mind as the US Maisons will not come with a weapon but rather with a desire to knock us out of the competition. »

Jérémy Cardron (President of US Maisons). “Local because both clubs know each other well. Some of our players went through US Trévières. including Anthony [Dauge, ndlr], our coach. We have to admit that US Trévières is a structure that is more important than ours, but we are looking forward to this match. There will be a lot of emotion and envy. We will face someone stronger than we are. »

Normandy Cup (1st round). US Trévières v US Maisons this Sunday (15:00) at Stade Rémi Bucaille Other matches: FC Cagny v RSG Courseulles; FC Laize-Clinchamps – ES Le Tronquay; ESI Val de l’Orne – ES Portaise; IS Caumontaise – FC Inter Bocage; AF Basly – FC Baie de l’Orne; AS Cahagnes – AS Vaudry-Truttemer

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