Noahm, 23 years old, 145 kilos: "I like being out of the norm"

Noahm, 23 years old, 145 kilos: "I like being out of the norm"

Noahm, who lives in Molsheim in the Bas-Rhin, wants to lose weight… a little, but not too much: not under 100 kilos because he likes the “meat” he represents. (© Ivan Capecchi / Strasbourg News)

There are sentences that indicate more than others. Like this professor who remarked to him after returning from vacation that he had gained weight. “Is it normal for your teacher to tell you that when you’re 8-9 years old?” the big guy asks again, as if trying to elicit an answer that never comes.

Since then, water has flown under the bridges. It seems a long time ago when a child was considered a fairground beast and forced to hide from the gaze of his friends.

Today, Noah’s body moves fluidly through space. Surrounded by the right people, he knew how to accept himself as he was. “They used to call me a monster, today they call me a mountain,” says the one who found v with a touch of pride sport his greeting and is now displayed on Tick ​​Tockwhere he is followed by more than 120,000 subscribers.

A lonely childhood

For as long as he can remember, Noahm has always been in overweight. Perhaps the dysthyroidism he was diagnosed with as a child has something to do with it. To be honest, I really don’t know.

If he had to summarize his childhood? “Lonely,” he draws without hesitation. “It helped me to be alone, to forge, to rely only on myself,” he continues, as if talking to himself. As for school, overall it was a “very bad memory”.

Disastrous treatment experience

From the age of 12, he began a one-year course in a facility in the Vosges to lose weight. Already at that time he was diagnosed with morbid obesity.

“My experience there was a massacre,” the young man recalls. In particular, he met “several educators who had nothing to do with national education”. In the end, he comes out 9 kilos less, which he eventually gains back.

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What is obesity and overweight?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines overweight and obesity as “an abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat that can harm health.” Body mass index (BMI) is used to estimate overweight and obesity in adults. “Obesity exists when the BMI is equal to or greater than 30”, explains the WHO.

The latter classified obesity as a chronic disease in 1997. “The more obesity increases and becomes more severe, the greater the risk of disease,” reminds the Center for Obesity and Overweight in Grenoble on its website, referring to some types of cancer, menstrual disorders . stomach aches, headaches or even heart problems.

Sport as salvation

During this year, however, he met friends who were keen on sports. It’s a clique. His passion is street workout, outdoor bodybuilding and parkour, a discipline that consists of overcoming urban or natural agility obstacles.

“I shocked a lot of people,” Noahm recalls. “When my relatives saw me shirtless for training or exercise… I was doing things that people might think was out of my reach because of my figure,” he explains.

A painful entry into adulthood

Noahm continues his schooling until he gets into apprenticeship. Again “not a very good experience”. “I, who thought I would finally find myself with mature, more understanding people, actually ran into the world’s worst jerks,” he exhales.

They make comments to him about his weight, what he eats… “They compared me to an ex-colleague they called Bouboule,” he says, his mouth slightly crooked.

From “Beast” to “Mountains”

Today, Noahm, who lives in Molsheim (Bas-Rhin), west of Strasbourg, weighs 145 kilograms and is 1.87 meters tall. Sport helped him a lot to accept himself as he was. “Many parts of my body appeal to me,” she smiles. “For example my arms, I have good arms huh,” he slips, feeling his biceps with one hand. Then he always has the little things he likes less, his “tummy”, “love wrist” or “fingers”. But overall, [s]we weigh [le] do not bother”.

Sometimes when I was younger people called me “beast” or “monster”. To some people, I was borderline categorized as inhuman. Growing up I dated the right people and showed what I was capable of, I was categorized as inhuman, but in a good way. Instead of calling me “animal” to talk about an animal, they now call me “mountain”.

Come onTikTok content creator

“Today, I am recognized as a big man, a strong and stout man, and I like that. I like not being in the norm,” she continues.

Lose weight, but not too much

However, Noahm does not say that he is fat and proud of it, not at all. “I would never encourage someone to be fat if it could prevent them from experiencing everything I experienced…” she confides. She also wants to lose weight… but not under 100 kilos. Because again he “loves this mass”, “the mass which”.[il] represented”.

He intends to share this transformative project with his TikTok subscribers, who first follow him for his prowess in beatboxing, an art he has been practicing for ten years.

Tiktok also helped him a lot to accept himself as he was. “When you’re doing social media content, you have to show up,” he explains. He receives “lots of messages of support” for his work. “There’s always two or three little pricks trying to screw things up,” he notes with a sneer, before sweeping them away with a wave of his hand.

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