Nice.  Who is Christophe, this baker who delivers bread by bicycle?

Nice. Who is Christophe, this baker who delivers bread by bicycle?

Christophe Anselmi and his brother Nicolas deliver bread to restaurant owners in the city center on a scooter. They were the first to use this type of device in Nice. (©MR/Actu Nice)

“When we left early in the morning […] bike ! You would almost think that these words of Yves Montand were written for Christophe Anselmi. This craftsman heads the family bakery “At Master Peter’s” is located in the heart of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes).

Since 1913, the business has been part of the rue Masséna decor more than just as an institution. Christophe’s father bought it in 1978, then reclaimed it 26 years ago. This iconic bakery is the oldest still in operation in Nice. And every morning it’s the same story: he and his brother Nicolas deliver bread to restaurants in Nice on a tricycle.

“Besides, we’re going for a walk!” »

It’s barely 9am this Tuesday, October 25, 2022, and already it is shot in the bakery. You have to serve the customers in the store and especially supply the restaurant owners for the lunch service.

As a postman delivering mail, Christophe begins his rounds at dawn and plans them according to the location of each restaurant. The Promenade des Anglais, Old Nice, the Port of Nice, the artisan baker intersects all the districts of the city center.

“Before, we didn’t deliver because we didn’t have the right tools,” he recalls. But we have been meeting these bikes for about ten years. We made bread that was appreciated, and then it became one thing leading to another, word of mouth among restaurateurs. Now they are 70. Besides, we go for a walk! »

Up to 20 kilometers per day

Neither one nor two, here we are with our feet on the pedals: towards Vieux-Nice. Christophe cannot waste a minute, there is a lot of work to be done and we have to go fast. We pass Instead of Massenadrive to the entrance to Old Nice make the first stop before court.

On his tripoteura, Christophe even entertains himself by inventing fantasies. ” I’m used to it ! she laughs and shows how to get around on two wheels. It must be said that this Niçois treads up to 20 kilometers a day. But an artisan baker must preserve himself. At the end of the day you will have to leave. Because the bakery “Chez Maître Pierre “he delivers to restaurants morning and evening.

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“We don’t get anything for nothing, our customers are satisfied because they always have fresh bread,” he comments breathlessly. He mainly works with Negresco, a historic palace on the Promenade des Anglais. Back home, Christophe has to wait for the hot bagels to come out before going on tour. Sometimes the boss prepares his order forms, sometimes he serves customers in the store.

“We thought it was great”

This craftsman invested in two scooters, costing more than 5000 euros. Everyone can stay 100 kg of bread in its cargo box. “Chez Maître Pierre” was the first bakery in Nice to use this system for its deliveries. The desire also for the two brothers to respond ecological needs growing.

“I was at a bakery fair, there was an antique on the stand like a trimotor with a big basket on the front, it was from the 1950s. When I came back I started looking at Leboncoina. We thought it was great because by car or scooter it it was too complicated.’

ChristopherArtisan baker and director Maître Pierre
When one of the brothers runs the store, the other goes on tour.
Every morning, the two brothers set off for a delivery aboard their scooter, dividing their bikes into sectors. (©MR/Actu Nice)

Already a very young Niçois wandered the streets of the center of Nice, but on foot. “My brother and I were delivering bags of bread around the neighborhood, we didn’t even see us, we saw that the bag was working because we were so small,” Christophe recalls with a smile. As a reward, my father gave us 5 francs and we went to buy a pancake on the corner. »

Taking over the family business “was logical” for him. Today, the bakery “Chez Maître Pierre” employs up to 11 people. And she’s not ready to back down…

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