Nesles-la-Vallee.  First novel for Marie-Laure Madrelle

Nesles-la-Vallee. First novel for Marie-Laure Madrelle

Marie-Laure Madrelle, a writer from Nesles-la-Vallée (Val-d’Oise), has just published her novel Simone de Beauvais: memories of a disturbed old maid. (©DR)

Resident of Nesles-la-Vallée (Val-d’Oise), Marie-Laure Madrelle published Simone de Beauvais: Memoirs of a Deranged Old MaidEE this summer.

Cheerful and nice

In her first novel, carried by a heroine as cheerful as she is cute, the author uses her lively and elegant pen to tackle serious topics: rape, domestic violence, depression… and shows with great humor that it is never too late to find love.

“I wanted to portray a woman in her sixties, atypical, colorful. He goes through hardships throughout his life and finally meets love against the background of Covid. There is humor, sadness, but above all hope. The message is that we can discover many things at any age, including love. »

Marie-Laure MadrelleNovelist

A message that accompanies the reader throughout the book. “Despite the parade of misfortunes that life can bring, we can rise. We talk more about it today, but it’s nothing new. I came across these dramas and it was important to me to translate them into a novel with humor and hope. »

Female and feminist inspiration

The symbolism of the novel is in the heroine’s glass of lemonade with sparkling bubbles: it is the cover of the book.

“I think we put a lot of ourselves into the first attempt at writing. It is primarily a test, we will see if the book can please. Simone is not me, but I am in Simone, confides Marie-Laure Madrelle. I really like Simone de Beauvoir and feminist texts. This is a link to an author I admire. »

Nesloise, a retired school teacher, novelist from Nesloise was particularly fond of “Cp-Ce1, with learning to read”.

Laptop in pocket

His passion came from a college French teacher. “She stood in the middle of her students, every time she took a book and showed us her pleasure in reading. I only found her last week. She bought a novel and I can’t wait to have her back. »

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Inspired by many authors such as Amélie Nothomb, Philippe Delerm or even Stephen King, she says: “I always have notebooks in my pockets. I write down my thoughts and feelings. I don’t have white page syndrome at all. It’s a true passion. »

Following Simon of Beauvais is in progress. “I already have the whole plot until the fall. Simone leaves for new adventures. »


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