Near Pont-Audemer, the new board game festival on Sunday, September 25, 2022

Near Pont-Audemer, the new board game festival on Sunday, September 25, 2022

Anita Morainville and Julien Fabretti are the founders of Jeux du plateau in Brestot. © Yann Rivallan

“There are always things you don’t think about. Anita Morainville and Julien Fabretti are afraid of forgetting something in the final preparations. They are organizing a rather special event in a few days in Brestot, near Pont-Audemer (Eure). A small village of 600 inhabitants will experience its first “board game festival”. Anita and Julien, founders of the association of the same name, intend to be honored board game in all its forms.

Fortunately, they are not alone in this adventure. Of course, there will also be volunteers from the association, who meet every first and third Thursday of the month. But also partners: companies specializing in board games and even local associations. On Sunday, September 25, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the party will take place between the Mauricette-Lefebvre Hall and the Daniel-Leduc Elementary School. And the program promises to recharge!

Jigsaw puzzles, old games, in wood…

Of course, it will be possible to play board games throughout the day. On this occasion, Friends of the Game, based in Bourgtheroulde, will make the trip. Its volunteers come up with their own games and approach experienced players for “rather long” games, adds Julien Fabretti. On site, the Rouen boutique Sortilèges will offer board games for sale. We can count on the presence of Thomas Couet. As a member of Plateau Games, he also sells board games with his independent business, Playful Odyssey. But Sunday, September 25, no sale for him! A volunteer will organize a “puzzle assembly” at the festival site. One or even two “treasure hunts” of this kind will be offered.

And then the community association joins the party. Still on the theme of fun and board games, the Merchants of the Cold Seas, a Viking-era historical reenactment association, will put on a show featuring the ancient games of the Scandinavian barbarians. Tug of war, tug of war… The association will also test the historical board game hnefatafl. It’s a strategy game often played using everyday objects like “shells or pieces of wood,” explains Anita Morainville.

For meals, refreshments will be served in the Brestot intergenerational house. Sweet products will also be available. At noon, Délices Breizh will provide catering with buckwheat pancakes.


In addition to these special activities, gaming areas will be located throughout the festival. Thanks to partners such as the Toy Club store in Pont-Audemer, Les Jeux du Plateau has “rented” games to supplement its already well-stocked inventory. The association Louviers, Week of 4 Thursdays, also contributed its stone to the building thanks to the loan of a wide range of old wooden games. Shuffleboard, Chinese balls or even a changing board will be available. There will also be a raffle. Prizes of €250 will be up for grabs, which will be split between goodies, board games and cinema tickets offered by festival partner Le Ciné de Pont-Audemer.

In short, the diversity of activities gives “fishing” to the volunteers of the Brestotoise association.

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It is one of the biggest events in the city in recent years.

Julien Fabretti, founder of Plateau Games

And even though they are busy with preparations, the founders of Plateau Games already have ideas for next year: “Why not organize a festival for two days? With this first release we can get an idea. »

Festival Les jeux du plateau, Sunday 25 September between Salle Mauricette-Lefebvre and École Daniel-Leduc, from 10am to 6pm. Free entry. The event is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Ability to play in sign language. Credit cards are not accepted for meals.

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