Near Montpelier.  Lattes: call witnesses to a disturbing disappearance

Near Montpelier. Lattes: call witnesses to a disturbing disappearance

Who has seen the missing person since Friday morning? (©DR)

Lattois has been missing since Friday morning. He suffers from serious illnesses. His family is very worried. Call for witnesses is started. Jean-Louis Mach has not shown signs of life since Friday. At 8 a.m. he left the family home in the Arènes district, in Lattes, south of Montpellier.

Phone switched off

The missing person has heart disease, high blood pressure and thyroid problems; adheres to daily treatment. If he left with a cell phone, he turned it off on Monday at 4:00 p.m. Unable to geolocate it for it is not excluded that he left the department of Hérault. For what destination? Secret.


Sion’s wife, their three daughters and the entire family of Jean-Louis Mach are very worried about this long silence. Message for disturbing disappearance was filed at the State Police office in Lattes, where the investigation is ongoing.

Jean-Louis Mach’s photo is published at the request of his family. If you have seen the missing person in Lattes or elsewhere since Friday morning, or if you have any information that could help find him, please contact the police emergency line on 04 67 99 77 33 or 17 during office hours.

Montpellier: Lesly found

At the end of last week Metropolitan spoke of the disturbing disappearance of Lesly, a 16-year-old autistic teenager who left his family’s home in the Hauts de Massane in Montpellier after leaving a specialized facility (IME) in Malbosco. Thanks to an appeal for witnesses and her photo published in the local press and on social media, a resident of the Port Marianne neighborhood recognized her and alerted the police.

Crew municipal police hit A quick result that was a relief to Lesly’s family and friends. Before being found, the teenager was seen on buses and trams thanks to the use of the tapes CCTV cameras the cities of Montpellier and TaM 3M. In addition, a missing Irish national from Montpellier is still being sought.

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