Near Guingamp: is the giant salmon factory project upside down?

Near Guingamp: is the giant salmon factory project upside down?

The Norwegian company Smart Salmon’s salmon breeding, slaughtering and processing plant is planned for an area of ​​10 hectares in Plouisy (Kerizac region), near Guingamp, in the Côtes-d’Armor. ©(©Screen shot from Smart Salmon Group video)

Sixteen months after the notification of the installation project a a plant for breeding, slaughtering and processing salmon in the village Plouisclose to Guingampthe Norwegian investors have still not submitted the file Côtes-d’Armor Prefecture. Waiting, anger rises on the side of the adversaries to the project.

lack of information

June 1, 2021 Guingamp Paimpol agglomeration (GPA) agreed to the process of selling 10 hectares of land in the inter-municipal business park in the capital. Kerizacin Plouisy.

Recipient: Norwegian company Smart Salmonwith the aim of building an establishment for breeding, slaughtering and processing salmon here.

The announcement of the project by Philippe Le Goff, GPA’s vice-president in charge of economy and employment, surprised most elected officials at a community council meeting this evening. Few details were given about the nature of the project, other than that the investment was close to €100 million, that annual production would be 10,000 tonnes (to begin with) and that a hundred jobs were at stake.

Answers remained vague when asked by some incredulous elected officials about the community’s ability to provide enough water to supply the plant or to manage discharges.

Smart salmon doesn’t respond

In the end, we didn’t learn much more than anyone is able to find on the web Smart Salmon website

Sixteen months later, nothing new from Smart Salmon. We tried to contact them several times. Without success.

Videos: currently on Actu

So no answer to the question of where their project was today. After this brief introduction of GPA elected officials, the only official one so far, we still see nothing. Which is all the more surprising that the Norwegian company wanted to act quickly, according to the Guingamp Paimpol agglomeration.

Nothing new on the aggle side

On its website, Smart Salmon actually planned to obtain the necessary permits to establish its factory at the end of 2022 for construction to begin the following year…

Yes, but now the Norwegian company’s file has still not been submitted to the Côtes-d’Armor prefecture, which is the first step in the long administrative process that Smart Salmon faces. “No application has been submitted for this project”, the prefecture services confirm.

Nothing new on the part of the GPA either, which by its silence maintains the concerns expressed by the opponents of the project.

Controversy is growing

“The documentation has not been submitted today, but the company continues to work on the project,” commented Philippe Le Goff, GPA’s vice-president responsible for the economy, major projects and employment, who declined any further comment.

Soon after the presentation, a collective, Dourioù Gouez, was formed to oppose the Norwegian project.

At the beginning of September, the collective mobilized again in front of the GPA headquarters in Guingamp.

We strongly question the merits of this project from another era, disproportionate in its size and harmful to the environment.

Douriou Gouez

The collective still regrets “the lack of transparency and the need for a public information meeting initiated by the GPA. »

Elected officials were invited to speak

The collective wishes: “We ask every GPA advisor to take a clear position on this topic”.

In this it is joined by other organizations, the Confédération Paysanne, Eau & Rivières de Bretagne and the Regional Federation of Shellfish Farming. In a joint letter addressed to Vincent Le Meaux, president of the GPA, they ask “to kindly reconsider in the community council the decision to welcome this company’s activities with technology unsuitable for the climate challenges that lie ahead”.

Just for the record, the next GPA Council is on Tuesday 27th September…

In support of their request, both men evoke the state of the drought crisis and the perceived lack of water. “Smart Salmon’s unreasonable project could only exacerbate the current difficulties,” the authors of this letter to the GPA president believe.

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