Near Forges-les-Eaux, Catherine Buquet climbed the hillside thanks to her business

Near Forges-les-Eaux, Catherine Buquet climbed the hillside thanks to her business

Catherine Buquet welcomed 166 guests to Grumesnil (©L’Eclaireur-La Dépêche)

This Saturday, October 15, 2022, 166 guests were expected at Grumesnil Town Hall for a rather special meal. Catherine Buquet is holding an evening there for the first time to commemorate the two years of her online store. “I want to thank them for being so loyal.

Opened during the height of the health crisis, Cathy’s shop is a page Facebook where the 50 year old offers many products to these followers. “I sell shoes, women’s clothing and bags all the land of Bray. There are some for all sizes. »

“Business brought me out of the dark”

On her networks, Catherine shares her communicative joy of life. It must be said that his business was his salvation, at a time when morals were at rock bottom. “I lost my husband four years ago. He was disabled and I had taken care of him for the previous ten years. During the crisis, my daughter pushed me to create this online store. It got me out of the dark, it lifted my spirits. »

Catherine has always had a background when it comes to communication.

I love the interaction. My daughter tells me I have the gift of speaking. I have no pressure in front of people.

Today, the saleswoman no longer considers her customers as customers. “They’re friends,” he says.

Democratize online stores

Catherine Buquet does not have premises where customers can walk.

Everything is available on my Facebook and I deliver all over the Pays de Bray. I pick up my products from suppliers in the Paris area.

To let her community know about the latest pieces she owns, she also hosts a Facebook live twice a week (often on Fridays and Saturdays) where she showcases different clothes, shoes and accessories. “We need to democratize online shopping in rural areas. That’s important. »

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