NASA reveals it "impressive meteorite impacts" were discovered on Mars

NASA reveals it "impressive meteorite impacts" were discovered on Mars

The InSight probe captured two impressive impacts caused by the meteorite. (©NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona)

Never seen. NASA announced that it made a “major discovery” regarding Mars this Thursday, October 27th at a press conference“thanks to observations made during observations made by the InSight lander located on Mars” and the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” mission, we learned in a press release from NASA.

A crater with a diameter of 150 meters

Scientists at the US space agency announced to the press that the two space missions had two impressive impactsA 200-ton meteorite hit the red planet

And it happened on December 24, 2021, last Christmas. One of the two impacts created the crater o 150 meters in diameter.

It is the largest meteorite impact ever observed on the planet. […] and the largest crater ever observed,” exclaimed Liliya Posiolova, head of science operations for the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” mission.

The second impact left behind a crater with a diameter of 130 meters.

Important implications

NASA broadcast images captured by its teams as well as the sound of the meteorite impact at both locations. and in fact magnitude 4 earthquake captured by the InSight probe.

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“Meteorite [en s’écrasant] discovered boulder-sized chunks of ice buried closer to the Martian equator than ever before. A discovery that has implications for NASA’s future plans to send astronauts to the Red Planet,” the space agency said. on his website.

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