Nanterre: the lawyer of the victims of the Buitoni scandal demands 250 million euros from Nestlé

Nanterre: the lawyer of the victims of the Buitoni scandal demands 250 million euros from Nestlé

The lawyer for the victims of the Buitoni scandal filed a summons against Nestlé in Nanterre on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. He is asking for 250 million euros.

A new legal twist in the Buitoni pizza scandal. This Tuesday, September 20, 2022 attorney Pierre Debuisson filed a challenge to Nanterre towards Nestlé (which owns the pizza brand). He claims 250 million euros for all the victims that caused the death of two children in this case.

Serious shortcomings on the part of Nestlé

He asked Hauts-de-Seine news, Me Debuisson explained the reasons for this summons: “We are dealing with the biggest European food scandal of the last thirty years. There were very serious shortcomings on the part of Nestlé and its Buitoni pizza factory. Rats, mushrooms or cigarettes on the ground, this was already true in 2020 and even before! »

The lawyer also evokes the pain of the victims, contaminated by it E.coli bacteria : “We have two children who died, breaking up families. Other children saw their life expectancy divided by four, some were on dialysis”.

A not so high amount requested

With this assignment, Me Debuisson wants to raise a collective awareness on the part of public authorities: “It is unacceptable that a company like Nestlé can make money at the expense of safety”.

Regarding the money requested as compensation, the lawyer puts this seemingly apparent amount into perspective: “In 2021, Nestlé will have a turnover of 99 billion euros. The amount we are asking is not much compared to the profits of the company”.

A criminal investigation that is too slow?

Complaint filed on Nanterredepartment where Nestlé headquarters, also aims to point the finger at the shortcomings of the criminal investigation, the company is being prosecuted for manslaughter: “There are real anomalies in the investigation. Two months passed between the opening of the file and the first search of the factory.

Similarly, no Nestlé leader has been charged at this time,” regrets Mr. Debuisson. The Nestlé company contacted did not respond to our requests.

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