My Vannes me: "it is the city that gave me my dream childhood" acknowledges Charlotte Bermond

My Vannes me: "it is the city that gave me my dream childhood" acknowledges Charlotte Bermond

New Paris resident Charlotte Bermond regularly returns “home” to Vannes (Morbihan) to recharge her batteries. ©Photo submitted by Charlotte Bermond – Photographer: Carlotta Forsberg

Actress, dancer and model… La Vannetaise Charlotte Bermond it has several strings on its bow. TV presenter Mandrakes d’Or on C8 was born in Vannes (Morbihan). He tells us about his ties to the city of Veneti.

What is your first memory of Vannes?

Vannes is the town where I was born. I grew up there and the memories are full! I think of my first dance steps at Laurence Autreta’s school, then the years I spent in the “Yaq’el” dance company of Nicole le Quay. My high school years in Saint-Paul are, I think, my best years and I have a very special thought of Mr. Le Corne, who was the principal, a great man! In short, Vannes is a city that offered me a dream childhood and I really like to return there regularly.

How would you describe this city to those who don’t know it?

Vannes is a town full of charm and character, where life is good! What a pleasure to walk the pedestrian streets of the historic city center, walk around the harbor for a drink or even stroll in the gardens of the walls. It is a city steeped in history, dynamic, where culture has an important place. I mean the number of exhibitions and shows on offer, historical festivals and Arvor festivals [Festival d’Arvor depuis l’été 2022 NDLR] or a jazz festival. I love Vannes very much and even managed to make my husband fall in love with this city. It is certain that we will return one day to live here permanently.

Is the Vannes of your childhood different from today? In which ?

It’s hard to tell you if the Vannes of my childhood are different because I don’t live there anymore. In any case, I always feel the same peace and fullness when I come “home”. The change I appreciate is this nice place in the harbor that didn’t exist in my childhood. It’s a friendly place I wish I had at the time.

What is your favorite neighborhood?

When I return to Vannes, it is a pleasure to get lost in the pedestrian streets of the historic city center to do some shopping. The center offers very nice shops. But I also like a walk through the harbor, it’s really very pleasant.

What cultural or sporting activity do you like to do in Morbihan?

Who says Brittany weekend, says ship! My father is a great lover of sailing and what a joy it is to sail on a Sunday in the Gulf of Morbihan. And I have another activity that I love, which is stand-up paddle boarding, which I practice at Toulindac beach in Baden.

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What is your favorite landmark?

“Vanness Cathedral! It is majestic. I can’t explain why, but this monument has always impressed me. It’s a must every time I come to Vannes.”

What’s your secret corner, off the beaten path?

Since childhood, my parents and I have enjoyed swimming at the end of the day at Pen Er Men in Arradon. The colors here are magical. The sunset offers a wonderful spectacle. Away from the tourists, we use this swimming among the “locals”. In the winter I like to go for walks along the wild coast in Quiberon. It’s an opportunity to get some fresh air before returning to the capital.

What is your favorite restaurant or bar?

How not to mention the Valseuses bar! For me, it is a place where we spend a great evening! A place of life where Vannetais and tourists meet in a festive and warm atmosphere. And for foodies like me, my favorite restaurant is Bvañ, run by chef Romain le Cordroch and my childhood friend Cyrielle. Joy!

What is your favorite local food?

Complete cake! Without hesitation.

A business you will never forget to visit in Vannes?

In Cheminant! I like to get lost in different alleys. I don’t know, I’ve been going there since I was little, I’ve kept this habit. The staff is very friendly and I like the energy they give off.

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