Montpellier: Why was the child abandoned by the mother for fifteen hours?

Montpellier: Why was the child abandoned by the mother for fifteen hours?

A Smur-Sam doctor from the University Hospital of Montpellier intervened (©JMA/Metropolitan)

Mother taken into custody to the central police station Montpelliershe waited fifteen hours before telling the police that her 14-month-old child was home alone. Story.

wednesday night police assistance is informed that a woman is in the process of damaging the car of a neighbor with whom she has a dispute, in a street in the northern district of Plan des 4-Seigneurs in Montpellier. Before the arrival of the Republic Police patrol, this 30-year-old woman was handcuffed in the parking lot of the residence by the owner of the vehicle whose side window she had just broken.


Arrested drunk she is placed in the drunken tank awaiting her hearing. When the policeman who manages the procedure comes for her after fourteen hours, she tells him that she left her 14-month-old baby alone at home. He was caught by the police and Smur Sam 34while he was dehydrated and hypoglycemic in his crib.

Transported to University Hospital of Montpellier, where he is still under observation this Friday evening, the infant is out of danger. He should be entrusted to social services, the mother was referred to the prosecutor’s office, mainly for neglect of a minor.

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