Montpellier: one year in prison for the rapper PLK who hit a municipal police officer

Montpellier: one year in prison for the rapper PLK who hit a municipal police officer

PLK, 25, sentenced to one year in prison in Montpellier (©Twitter)

French rapper PLK, one of the biggest album sellers sentenced to one year in prison without bondas he is serving his sentence at home with an electronic bracelet, this Thursday u Montpellier Criminal Court a single judge presides.

Present at the helm, PLK, Mathieu Pruski for civil status, the 25-year-old was prosecuted for “intentional violence that resulted in a two-day stoppage of work (Itt) for striking while drunk, a constable of the municipal police of La Grande-Motte, July 18 around 5:30 in the parking lot of La Dune nightclub, Grand Travers neighborhood, after the PLK concert. The facts were recalled during the meeting: city ​​police and seaside resort gendarmes intervened to stop the violent brawl against about forty individuals, mostly customers, when in the confusion an individual knocked out the brigade chief of the city police. A PLK was identified and arrested, who was an alcoholic and was assured during the trial that he could not remember anything in custodythen released.

The court noted that tapes from CCTV cameras that filmed the attack overpowered the defendant, who was last summer in legal relapse for being convicted of intentional violence in February 2016. In a weak accusation that scandalized civil partiesthe public prosecutor demanded six months in prison under an electronic bracelet, but the single judge increased the sentence to one in prison.

Reaction of the Autonomous Federation

This Thursday evening under the title “PLK may be the star of French song, but he is not a good comedian” Jean-Michel Weiss, General Secretary the autonomous federation of the municipal police of Hérault-Gard and responsible for the municipal police of La Grande-Motte returns to this judgment: “On Monday, July 18, around 5:50, several crews of the municipal police and gendarmes intervened in the parking lot of the Duna nightclub due to a fight of several dozen people, the video protection operator reported. Rapper “PLK”, who was also performing at the disco, also joined the fight for no apparent reason and voluntarily threw himself at the municipal policeman and intentionally kicked him seriously in the face (…) Summoned to the court bar this morning, “PLK” tried to minimize his actions. PLK may be the star of a French song, but he is not a good comedian, he did not convince the court by pretending that he did not know the qualities of a city policeman, a civic party, as well as a victim through an intermediary, the main lawyer Philipe Bez of the Bar Association here, who noted that “the defendant slaps the police on clips” . The rapper will have to pay restitution to the victim and symbolic €1 into an autonomous federation.

For Jean-Michel Weiss, “this annual fixed penalty is fair and proportionate to the seriousness of the fact, city police officers are not to be affected”. In particular, the rapper’s lawyer Me Mourad Battikh pleaded that “we are confusing individuals and artists, he has real respect for the police.” After receiving written notification of the judgment, PLK has ten days to appeal.

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