Montpellier: new very short-term car park

Montpellier: new very short-term car park

“Very Short Duration” zones to support rotations. (©CN/Metropolitan)

Pursuant parkingcity Montpellier continues to implement very short-lived red zones. 1st of November fourteen short stories will be introduced to provide more rotation for support business activity at.

30 minutes free

The first of these short-term zones was tested last January in the Arceaux district, a stone’s throw from the very commercial rue Marioge. “The idea is simple: 30 minutes free to shop,” summarizes Sébastien Cote. Without forgetting to log in in the M’Ticket application or at the parking machines.

Spaces intended for merchant customers, which can also be used for deliveries, with the effect of ensuring maximum rotations between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., i.e. 28 cars per area in one day.

Promote business activity

“In the tested area, 80% of people did not exceed 30 minutes. The only thing we had was that people signed up half the time because it was near the school and that people were waiting for their children to leave in the car,” explains the delegate, especially at Control parking. A facility that is being closely monitored for its effect on business operations near these areas. “Adjustments will be possible, but it will be wise to wait until 2025, when our transport policy will be fully operational,” emphasizes Sébastien Cote.

These fourteen new zones, in addition to the eight existing ones, are currently being finalized to be made available on November 1st. Each time specifying that the red zone does not run through the entire arterial road, but a limited number of parking spaces, to which are added spaces for cargo bikes, motorcycles and bike circles. The goal is to eventually reach around thirty of these short-term areas in the city.

> Fourteen new red zones : avenue de Maurin, two on avenue de Toulouse, rue du Lavandin, avenue du Val de Montferrand, rue de Bugarel, Rambla des Calissons, avenue Aglaé Adanson, rue du Mas de Verchant, avenue de l’Agriculture, boulevard d’Antigone serving Halles Jacques Coeur), avenue de l’Agriculture Gabriel Buchet (before the intersection of rue Las Sorbes), rue du Faubourg Figuerolles (ZTCD extension instead of Roger Salengro), rue Doria (between avenue d’Assas and rue Paladilhe).

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