Montpellier: delivery areas at La Comédie during works

Montpellier: delivery areas at La Comédie during works

Temporary delivery facilities have been set up at La Comédie. (©CN/Metropolitan)

From September 5 work related to the relocation of the stairs of the central car park and the creation of pits in which the future trees will be placed Place de la Comedie in Montpellier they started The regulations necessary to carry out this work led to the reduction of the passage spaces in the square and its materialization temporary delivery areas.

Three temporary delivery areas

In this context, three temporary delivery areas were created in order to rationalize the operation of the square and to provide maximum security for pedestrian traffic in this first phase of the works. Especially since with the year-end celebrations approaching, the square will host a large Christmas tree and entry to the Christmas markets. These parking spaces may change during the works.

Marking removed in 2023

The principle of these temporary delivery areas was presented at an information meeting held on August 29 with all local establishments in order to adjust the organization of this first phase of work. It was also the subject of prior consultation with representatives of the CCI and the National Road Transport Federation. This temporary signage is to be removed during renovation work on the square’s floors planned for 2023.

On this occasion, the regulation in force at the Place de la Comédie was recalled, which limits the tonnage of authorized vehicles to 3.5 tons and prohibits the presence of delivery vehicles after 10:30.

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