Montpellier / Cinema: shot in La Mosson, will the short film seduce the jury at Cannes?

Montpellier / Cinema: shot in La Mosson, will the short film seduce the jury at Cannes?

Part of the (film and acting crew of Tool (©DR)

Tools, short film was filmed from October 10 to 14 mainly in the Mosson-la Paillade district, in Montpelier, association from there ZMR Factory and who will be in the competition for the next one Cannes Film Festival. The actor Walid Bouzidi of Jamel Comedy Club and sponsor of the association.

Last October 12, the commotion around the cameras and all the other accessories with technicians and actors did not go unnoticed, for example when a scene of a violent fight with Montpellier resident Rémy Zamar was filmed in the lobby of a building in the city. from the association and professional stuntman. For once it was a cinema!

Actors on stage during the filming of Tool
Actors on stage during the filming of Tool (© Valerie Gastine)

Ambitious creations

“ZMR Factory aims to give visibility to the talents attracted by cinema and/or television, be it actors or technicians from the region, trained or in training through editing ambitious and quality creations in well-known local schools,” explains Rémy Zamar.

Many supports

For five days, young actors and technicians gathered around this Tool project, which has great support: France TV, the city and metropolis of Montpellier, filming office, ACM station, House for All Louis Feuillade, Brocante du Lez, ARTFX, Traveling, ACFA Son, TSF, Ciné Comédie, Costumerie de la Mosson, GM Food Mosson, Malbosc Laundry. “We sincerely thank all the residents of La Mosson-la Paillade for their warm welcome”, emphasizes Rémy Zamar.

One of the scenes of this short film
One of the scenes of this short film (© Valerie Gastine)

Beautiful board

A beautiful set with Rémy Zamar starring as Tool, who hails from Cours Florent and stuntman in the Campus universby Séquence Sud agency, by Eliott Tournie (Tool enfant), by Sarah Bensoussan (caregiver), actress recognized by Séquence Sud agency, by Wahid Bouzidifather of Tool from the Jamel Comedy Club, Annie Hurtado (the role of the neighbor), who graduated from the conservatory and the Florent course in Montpellier and who is represented in the Italian series Americano OOO, Mélody Rico (TV presenter), from the Cours Florent in Paris, the acting class of the Richmond Drama School in Richmond, London and Studio Pygmalion in Montrouge and Delcho Koprivshki (young), also represented by Séquence Sud.

Eglantine Pintard in make-up before the shoot
Eglantine Pintard in make-up before the shoot (© Valerie Gastine)

Thierry Andréo was the main operator, with over thirty years in the world of television, whose support was invaluable for this shoot. No envy, the rest of the team deserves to have their name Metropolitan : Bastien Cheverry (screenplay), Marushka Zeribi (dresser/costume designer), Rania Hassan-Abbas (props/decorator), Nicolas Ponce (boom operator), Arthur Kostos (sound engineer, sound designer), Leticia Guaranho (model designer), Malo Rondot (management), Evariste Abalo (assistant management), Coolie (sound designer, composer), Gautier Dupont (Making-off), Nahys (singer, composer), Ugo Petit (sound editing), Antonín, Quentin, Damien, Martin, Thomas by Artfx. A beautiful family in full force with Tania Zam who wrote and directed this short film. They’ll be climbing the stairs to Cannes next May, where they hope to wow the jury and headline the festival with Tool.

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