Montereau: By the start of the 2023 school year, the territory will prepare more than 4,000 meals a day

Montereau: By the start of the 2023 school year, the territory will prepare more than 4,000 meals a day

From September 2023, Montereau will prepare meals served in municipal canteens ©Ville de Montereau

Meals and breakfast for €1 in canteens or even attractive prices for home delivery of meals for the elderly: for several years the city of Montereau has introduced numerous measures that allow the inhabitants of the municipality to eat when they are hungry and at the same time protect their purchasing power.

But the municipality does not intend to stop there. So there was a vote on Monday, October 3 reconstruction of the central kitchenlocated in the rue des Sécherons, in the Confluent business park, used for several years by a private company whose prepared meals are not intended for Monterelais.

“When the public market was restored a few years ago, another company was chosen to produce meals for the city’s school canteens. Therefore, the company that is in charge of the central kitchen prepared meals in this kitchen for some time, but not for the children of the city, then they stopped making them,” explains Mayor Montereau. James Cheron.

Multiple goals

The goals of the town hall are clear with this project: to move the production of food to Montereau (still produced in Amillythen Montlucon after the health crisis) for better taste quality and more local food.

“Having dishes that come from so far away was ecological nonsense absolute which we thought should be fixed. By producing meals in the village, we will prevent them from traveling between the place of production and the place of distribution. This will also make it possible to supply the central kitchen local products “, rejoices the first aedile.

But that’s not all, because with this central kitchen the municipality also intends to highlight integration through work: “We want this place instead of integration through activity. Part of the teams that will work in the central kitchen will be made up of people in professional integration or reintegration through activity,” reveals the elected official.

Given that the facility’s weekly production capacity is much higher than the number of meals delivered daily within the municipality, the city decided collective approach.

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“This central kitchen can produce 4,000 to 5,000 meals a day. In Montereau, we need around 1,700 to 1,800 meals a day, including school canteens, nurseries and catering for the elderly. We therefore suggested that the surrounding municipalities and, more broadly, in the south of Seine-et-Marne, be able to use this service,” reveals James Chéron.

A project for 1 million euros

Today, about ten municipalities located in circumference 20 to 30 km around the city of Confluent have shown interest in this project of pooling orders so that the canteens of these schools can be supplied by this central kitchen at prices similar to those currently in force.

“For other municipalities, it may come later, because of course it depends on their public market calendar,” the mayor specifies.

From a financial point of view, the amount of renovation work of the central kitchen is estimated at approx one million euros. A project for which Montereau should receive a subsidy of €185,133 from the region on the basis of an agreement on regional development and €342,939 from the state as part of the city’s political subsidy. The amounts to which European funds could be added would reach 70 or even 80% of the total amount.

Finally, according to the schedule, the construction will start incl first quarter of 2023for the operation of the central kitchen from the start of operation September next.

“Ultimately, the idea for us is not necessarily financial savings, but gain on environmental quality and taste quality. At a constant cost, we prefer quality products that make local farmers work and live, rather than lower quality products that come from more distant places and whose transportation costs are also carbon costs,” concludes the first aedile.

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