Mohon: Bernard Le Mené, saved by a defibrillator, pushes municipalities to equip themselves

Mohon: Bernard Le Mené, saved by a defibrillator, pushes municipalities to equip themselves

Bernard Le Mené pedals to democratize the use of defibrillators. Passed through Mohon (Morbihan) ©Le Ploërmelais.

10 years ago Bernard Le Mene led a training course on the use of a defibrillator at Mohon (Morbihan). A few days later it is his a heart that has stopped suddenly after a football match in his town Sulniac.

Thanks to the residents’ good reflexes and their knowledge defibrillator operation, the man is saved. Since then, he has made installing them in villages his hobby.

During the 15-day, 700-kilometer bike journey, the 50-year-old stopped in Mohon to remind people of the importance of being equipped and having trained residents.

3rd defibrillator installed at the town hall

Opportunity for Mayor Francis Mahieux, to take stock at the local level: “Mohon lists about fifty small villages, it is not always easy to intervene in the time allowed. »

From this statement,

all young people who participated in the “pocket” event watched a film about the introduction of a defibrillator.

And Mohon gets a third defibrillator. “It will be installed at City Hall,” the elected official announces. A device facilitating cardiac massage will be connected to this. The firefighters from La Trinité-Porhoët will offer training to master it.

Bernard Le Mené continues to raise awareness of life-saving gestures. And on a broader scale, he wants to change the way others view the disease. He was not spared: “I have Parkinson’s disease, it forces me to take medicine every day. But the prodigy is a man of challenge and wants to show the way. The road to resilience.

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