Mézidon-Vallée d’Auge: Mayor François Aubey takes stock of documents from the school

Mézidon-Vallée d’Auge: Mayor François Aubey takes stock of documents from the school

François Aubey, in front of the town hall of Lécaude. © Pays d’Auge

It was at the town hall of the delegated municipality of Lécaude that the mayor of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge (Calvados) François Aubey decided to hold his press conference back to school. » At 162 meters, Lécaude is the furthest historic town and also the highest point of the Mézidon Vallée d’Auge. I like the idea of ​​having this traditional press conference there.”

School life

From 1ahem In April 2019, the state introduced a system that allows invoicing children’s meals in the cafeteria for 1 euro according to the family quotient. This rate, approved on June 7, 2022 by the city council, applies from the beginning of the 2022 school year.

At the Mesnil-Mauger school, four actions have been completed or are being completed: the demolition of the old prefabricated building, carried out last summer, for a sum of 40,000 euros. In one of the buildings, the establishment of an office for the director, another for teachers and also a motor skills room for the amount of 30,000 euros. Work carried out on site, representatives of municipal services.

Finally, the creation of a turning point for school buses. This action, which should last a fortnight, will be carried out at the turn of September and October and will cost 10,000 euros. The total amount of these three operations is therefore 170,000 euros.

it works

“In the territory of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge, many projects have been implemented or are underway, in all fairness to all the municipalities in charge, which still represents the promise of keeping the electoral campaign and once again proves to us the investment capacity of the new municipality, which is much greater than the capacity of the old historical municipalities “. Thus, 200,000 euros were earmarked for road works in the budget. On the other hand, ten new CCTV cameras were recently installed in Crèvecoeur-en-Auge.

Soft mobility

» Within the framework of the Small Towns of Tomorrow system, a project office was adopted, which organizes a network of cycle paths within the framework of soft mobility, as well as a network of tourist routes and also an urban path intended for pedestrian and cyclist mobility and for the operation of scooters. The cost of this study is 40,000 euros, the rest is covered by the municipality in the amount of 20%.


François Aubey announces the demolition of two houses located at the bottom of the Mézidon. The work will take place in November, around All Saints’ Day. “This is also part of the small town system of tomorrow”. The pitches at Breuil and Lépinay were dilapidated and are currently being replaced with new equipment “still in the spirit of wood”.

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In a different spirit, the church of Notre-Dame-de-Vie, which has been closed for two years, will reopen from December 1. when we preserve our churches, it is surprising that Father Eustache is no longer in our village”.

Leisure center

The transition between the Ligue de l’enseignement, which ran the Raymond Allix Center for many years, and the new management and coordination team, 100% Mézidon Vallée d’Auge, went perfectly. The team is complete, three facilitators from the League have joined the municipal staff. The logical continuation of this restructuring will be the project of the future youth center, leisure center, in the Ferme du Breuil”.

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