Meslay-du-Maine pool: facing an energy crisis, the bill for elected officials will be higher

Meslay-du-Maine pool: facing an energy crisis, the bill for elected officials will be higher

Yannick Buron has been in charge of the Azuréo aquatic center in Meslay-du-Maine (Mayenne) since 2017. (©Haut Anjou)

Faced with an adverse energy context, the pool Meslay-du-Maine (Mayenne) it will cost a bit more for the territory’s elected officials.

1ahem July 2022community of municipalities Land of Meslay-Grez renewed its public service credentials with the provider of the previous contract, You stopped.

“Faced with a deficit, the balance due by the community of municipalities and the city of Meslay-du-Maine was previously €380,000 per year. As energy costs rise, this will rise to €460,000, an increase of €80,000. »

Jacky ChauveauPresident of the Community of Municipalities of Pays de Meslay-Grez

The city’s share of Meslay du Mainewhere the aquatic center is located Azurerepresented €101,000. “We will discuss whether the city will struggle in the face of the increase. »

The investment in this swimming pool was started incl 2016 was estimated at 5.3 million euros whose €552,000 funded by the city of Meslay-du-Maine. The goal that Prestalis hopes for is 72,000 records per year.

“We didn’t get to what was planned,” he continues. “It is understood in the new contract that he has to work on it because we are not at this level. So we wait effort provider to increase the number of records. »

In a limited space

For his part, Director Azuréo, Yannick Buronexplains that the reference year is 2019with 55,000 records. “After there was Covid 2020 and 2021, so we cannot rely on the numbers for these years. »

“Furthermore, although we have people who come from Meslay-du-Maine and its environs— Laval, Sable-sur-Sarthe (Sarth), Parne-sur-Roc or forced (Mayenne) –, we are in a limited space because there are many swimming pools in the area. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Since back to school 2022-2023changes have been made to better meet customer needs. “We have a monthly formula that allows you to choose your activities, which wasn’t necessarily the norm before. »

New timetables

“We are also improving streamline groups of children for lessons. Maybe we put too many starters with confirmed ones before, for example. »

“We have also changed plans to encourage returning customers. For example, we are now closed on Sundays at 13:00 instead of 12:00.. We’ve also been asked for Wednesday and Saturday mornings (9am) so we’re testing that. »

“On the contrary, we stop the night clock on Friday. The swimming pool closes at 19:30 instead of 21:30. Instead, we put themed events in this slot. »

Yannick Burondirector of the Azuréo water center in Meslay-du-Maine (Mayenne)

On the expenditure side, reflection is carried out You stopped to find a solution. “Perhaps we are considering gradually lowering the water and air temperature, or why not shorten the hours, change the water treatment. »

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