Mental stress: what happens in the brain?  – Hello, doctor

Mental stress: what happens in the brain? – Hello, doctor

According to an Ipsos survey, 8 out of 10 French women are affected by this phenomenon. What specifically happens in the brain exposed to psychological stress? Minute Doctor will explain it to you.

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Mental load in the brain, what does it give? —
Health Magazine – France 5

Making an appointment with the pediatrician, picking up the package, vacuuming, sending the last email… It’s a sequence of actions that accumulate one after the other.

If these long lists wash you out, they also drain your brain, and more specifically your prefrontal cortex. It is the conductor of gray matter, controls higher cognitive functions and among them short-term memory.

Exhaustion from managing everything

The memory can store up to seven pieces of information at once and ranks them in order of importance before processing. This way you can buy bread AND think about filing your tax return.

The problem is when these tasks compete at the same time. So, for example, try making phone calls and sending e-mails… Not even Kali, the Hindu goddess with many arms, could do that!

Sleep necessary for evacuation

In these cases, the brain overheats, this is called cognitive overload. To prevent this, the brain regularly cleans itself at a very specific time: during sleep.

Every night, your memory clears from its list the tasks that have become unnecessary, making room for the following ones. Hence the importance of good sleep: without quality sleep, without cleaning and without cleaning, watch out for overheating! Remember, sleep is never wasted time.

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