Melun: the cultural offer is expanding with the opening of a new gallery!

Melun: the cultural offer is expanding with the opening of a new gallery!

Fabrice Tuis, owner of Galerie Saint-Jacques, is happy that this new place is finally opening. © GT/RSM77

The Galerie Saint-Jacques, New cultural place in Watermelon (Seine and Marne), celebrated his inauguration on Friday, October 14. On initiative creation of this gallery, the manager of the Beaux-Arts store for 37 years, Fabrice Tuis.

A place with many streams

It is in this gallery, with white walls enhanced by paintings of a thousand colors, that he travels to meet the first visitors to this new place. “I returned to my first love, I already created a gallery of paintings in 1986,” he confides.

The historical site of Melun was not an art gallery. In fact, it had a completely different function: “Here it was a stagecoach stop from Versailles and then a hotel and restaurant, the Melunais know this place well, it was the Hôtel du Commerce,” he continues.

For gallery owners, Melun and its region know very few places of this type, a place that can be quite exclusive for the artists who invest in it. “There are very few places for exhibitions, the town hall tries hard, they organize fairs, this is very good, but the artists are drowned in the meat and cannot properly express themselves”, emphasizes Fabrice You. Exhibitions will then bring together artists and guests, if they wish.

We can find all currents of the artistic movement there, the artist’s talent is essential for Fabrice Tuis: “I will not stick to a single type of painting. Artists have to own the place, even if they are not famous. If they have real talent, no problem, they can exhibit here. »

Revitalize the neighborhood

Galerie Saint-Jacques is located in the heart of the city center and wants to play its part in revitalizing the shopping district.

“This is extraordinary for Melun, it will breathe new air into the city centre. It’s a gallery very much open to the street, art must be accessible to everyone, it must not be reserved for the elite,” continues the gallerist.

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And on the part of the artists, they welcome the gallery with interest, a place where it will be possible to discuss their work with visitors. Pascal Genevois is a painter, he shares his opinion: “It is essential for us to have a place that we can rent and come for a week or two to present all our work. It will also enable regular meetings with people from the region. »

Daniel Fauchon, a photographer, agrees: “A gallery like this is wonderful. Such a place is missing, even beyond Melun, in the whole region! »

Fabrice Tuise’s aim is not to come up with a bigger portfolio: “I don’t take commissions on sales, it’s a space that will be rented out and that will barely cover the construction costs. It’s more of a sponsorship than anything else, we need to help artists get exposure. We have a lot of talented artists in the department,” he concludes.

Galerie Saint-Jacques 16 rue Carnot 77000 Melun

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