Mayor Villejuif proposes removing the fork of the 7 metro line to unclog it

Mayor Villejuif proposes removing the fork of the 7 metro line to unclog it

Line 7 is the fourth busiest in the Paris Metro network. (©DG / News Val-de-Marne)

Infernal, overloaded, terrible… The line 7 the metro is particularly frowned upon by its users. The fourth busiest metro line in Pariscrosses the capital from north to south, starting from Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) end in Val-de-Marne.

It is this last part of the section that is the subject of strong criticism: from Maison Blanche station, line 7 splits into two branchesor direction Ivry-sur-Seine either direction Villejuif. The result: the frequency of trains for one or the other is halved, sometimes significantly increasing waiting times.

“Unplug” one of the two arms

Line 7 is fast at peak times saturated. Travelers regularly complain on social media, describing “daily hassles”, especially when traveling to Ivry or Villejuif.

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For Mayor Villejuif, Pierre Garzon (PCF), the branching of the line is one of the causes of its dysfunction: “We have to do away with forks”, he insists. At the end of October 2022, the elected representative questioned the governor of the region Valerie Pécressealso the president of Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM): asking for the “disconnection” of one of the two arms of line 7 and its incorporation into the extension of line 5 of the metro, which currently stops at Place d’Italie.

The line will “continue thickening”

This suggestion is not really new. Pierre Garzon, when he sat on the board of the IDFM in 2019, already advocated this project. Since then, he regularly returns it to the table. If he adds a layer today, it is to integrate his design into another State and Regional Plan Agreement (CPER), in which future investments are negotiated, especially in the field of transport. “I am talking to Madame Pécresse because, as president of the region, she is the one who negotiates the CPER with the state,” she reasons.

Disconnecting one of the branches of line 7 must be a “priority for the future”, Mayor Villejuif insists, because “it will continue inspissate “: The arrival of the future metro lines 14 and 15 will initially be beneficial to the network, but later it will also attract more passengers because there will be more residents around the stations. »

However, at least ten years will pass between the feasibility study and the implementation of the project. So don’t waste your time. Therefore, I regularly push this folder to the top of the stack.

Pierre GarzonMayor of Villejuif

While Pierre Garzon awaits the success of this “long-term solution”, he insists on short- and medium-term measures that must not be neglected, i.e. “Conversation”, “renovation” and “total change” rolling stock. “The one in Series 7 is ultra-aging. However, the more people are on the trains, the more the equipment is degraded, the more it needs maintenance and repairs, so ultimately the quality of service deteriorates. We have been in this vicious circle for years. »

The project was “integrated into the general study” for the next CPER

Contacted by user News from ParisÎle-de-France Mobilités responds that “this project (like others) will be included in the general study on the extension of the metro as part of the next CPER. The aim is to prioritize the most viable and most useful projects for the residents of Ile-de-France in the coming years. Its implementation “generally requires six years of study and procedures and at least 6/7 years of work”, the institution specifies.

However, the IDFM warns that “because the state did not wish to start discussions, this new contract on the state and regional plan (which defines the projects to be implemented and the keys to funding) is currently two years behind schedule”.

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