Maternity unit at Creil Hospital: demonstration to reopen this week

Maternity unit at Creil Hospital: demonstration to reopen this week

Creil Hospital has recently experienced carer departures and service closures. (©Romain Benard)

They are more determined than ever. Members of the Committee for the Defense of the Public Hospitals of Creil and Senlis called on the inhabitants of the Creillois basin to participate in the demonstration reopening of the maternity hospital in Creil (Oise). This service has been closed for over three years and has been merged with the Senlis service which is about 15 minutes away.

The rally is planned Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 6 p.m., outside Creil Hospital. “Since the closure of Creil, the Senlis Maternity Hospital has lost several hundred births per year compared to the previous activity of the two sites,” the committee condemns.

Lack of availability

Committee members insist accessibility issues towards the Senlis Hospital for certain remote residents: “The transport problems between the Creillois Basin and the Senlis Maternity Hospital are not resolved, there is still no public transport, members note. For many women, it is ingenuity that allows them to get away with it.

There is no adult resuscitation on site, forcing mothers in critical situations to be transported to the Creil site. These transfers are done in SMUR, but the removal of one of the two teams limits and delays the transfers

Committee for the Defense of the Public Hospitals of Creil and Senlis

Broader claims

The CGT trade union or the Creilloise section of the French Communist Party responded to the call for mobilization. More than reopening the service, the goal is the overall state of the public hospital. “Agents are mobilizing for a reconsideration of salaries and careers for SMIC for 2000 euros, explains the CGT, which will demonstrate on Thursday evening. We are also mobilizing to stop everyone closure of beds, services, establishments and hospitals “.

Service closed as of 2019

While for the Committee for the Defense of Public Hospitals in Creil and Senlis, “the closure of the maternity hospital in Creil illegal “, on the basis of the verdict of the administrative court in Amiens (Somme) of July 7, 2022, Regional Health does not listen. By decree issued in January 2019, the leadership of the ARS region authorized the transfer of maternity services from Creil to the Senlis hospital group.

Despite the pressure of the association and the course of the demonstrations, the ARS claims that the court’s decision was issued “on legal reason only “. This recalls that “the grouping of births in Senlis is a request of the medical community and the leadership of the GHPSO to guarantee the sustainability of the care offer in the territory”.

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