Masturbate over A21: exhibitionist arrested in Somain

Masturbate over A21: exhibitionist arrested in Somain

To do his little job, the man hid in a wooded area of ​​the roundabout overlooking the A21 at Somain. (©Catpure Google Street View)

A fun place for your small business. AND 15 year old girl he had the misfortune to encounter sa sexual exhibitionist masturbating. A forty-four-year-old man was hidden in a wooded part of the roundabout in somain (North), just abovehighway A21.

He hid in the bushes

The facts happened on October 6 in Somain. A 15-year-old girl walks along Wilson Street and arrives at a roundabout overlooking the A21. He then sees a man hiding in the wooded part of the roundabout.

According to a police source, the individual was “masturbating.” And when a minor passes by, he doesn’t hesitate to show her his gender. A young girl goes her own way and an exhibitionist goes his small business.

The victim reports the incident the next day and provides a detailed description of the perpetrator. Officers set up a surveillance device at the level of the roundabout. And it just so happens that in the same place there is an individual matching the description in every respect. The person is formally recognized by the victim.

When he was arrested, he was taken into custody for sexual exhibition. The individual admitted the facts. He was not known to the police.

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