Marseilles.  World Cup in Qatar: this bar will not broadcast matches, "belief before"

Marseilles. World Cup in Qatar: this bar will not broadcast matches, "belief before"

The Black Stone, a Marseille pub in the 9th arrondissement, will not broadcast any World Cup matches in Qatar. (© Black Stone)

It is the most difficult decision this bar has ever made in its creation. This Marseille pub, used to broadcasting all OM matches, announced a few days ago that it will not broadcast any matches of the French team during World Cup in Qatar.

“Some Fear”

“Strong decision” for Yohanna, manager of Black Stone located in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille. Also great uncertainty. “To be honest, when I announced it, a lot of people got it. But it creates some fear. We wonder if our regular customers will go elsewhere and not come back to us? asks the manager, expecting some criticism.

“We know this World Cup is controversial…” he comments. The first negative comments have already been posted since their announcement on their page Facebook.

Belief before the financial aspect

Yohann, modeled for several years by an environmentally responsible model, did not see himself turning a blind eye to this controversy. “We’ve been recycling 100% of our waste for several years, so when we do that and on the other hand we’re broadcasting matches that take place in an air-conditioned stadium in the middle of the desert… It doesn’t make sense,” continues the manager, who took over the bar from his father.

Some customers even anticipated this question, reports Yohann, who tries to send a message on his level.

Conviction before the financial aspect, then. “Primarily in that sense, this decision is strong.” To compensate for the profits that this Marseille pub will not generate for the duration of the World Cup, the team came up with alternatives.

Legendary matches and live concerts

“The program is not yet fully defined, but we will definitely be broadcasting legendary matches like the one where France faced Brazil in ’98 and we will check Zizou’s ass in Materazzi,” explains Yohann. Matches, but also some live concerts…

Videos: currently on Actu

So at Černé kamen until the beginning of December (the world cup will be over) we will not sing the Marseillaise in front of the screens.

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