Marseille-Aix, Marseille-Aubagne… Why have these bus journeys become so expensive?

Marseille-Aix, Marseille-Aubagne… Why have these bus journeys become so expensive?

Pay 7 euros for a 30 kilometer trip? With the coaches of the metropolis of Aix-Marseille, it is now possible. (©Twitter Aix-Marseille Metropolis)

Since the beginning of September, the prices of some bus journeys and monthly subscriptions in the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area have been reduced sudden increase.

A hike that will go badly in the context of high inflation… And which doesn’t really encourage users to opt for public transport.

Between Marseille and Aubagne an increase of +44%.

An example between Marseille and Aubagne, two cities 20 kilometers apart. Until this summer, a unit trip by coach cost 3.80 euros. It will cost you €5.50 from the start of the school year, an increase of 44%!

As for the subscription to the Marseille-Aubagne line, now calculate 57 euros per month, compared to 41.80 euros before. So a sudden increase of 36%.

Between Marseille and Aix +4 euros for a return trip

Another record increase on the line between Marseille and Aix. Until this summer, a return trip for users cost 10 euros at full price. But that was before. “We don’t go back and forth anymore,” tirelessly repeat the drivers of the line that connects Saint-Charles station with Aix bus station.

Understand the following: you will have to pay 7 euros for each crossing. Or 14 euros for a return trip. “An extra four euros is a very big increase! ” laments an ordinary passenger. All this for just 30 kilometers driven. An anti-green comparison: even with the increase in gas prices, it would cost you less than 4 euros in a private car…

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Face to face with several of our colleagues and dissatisfied users, Metropole points out a total overhaul of its tariff offer.

From now on, the territory is divided into six zones. In each zone, the same ticket can be used multiple times within one and a half hours. While this new operation may prove advantageous for local journeys, it is much less advantageous for journeys between two major cities.

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