Marmande: projects awarded during the Mental Health Awareness Week

Marmande: projects awarded during the Mental Health Awareness Week

Xavier de Scorailles on the microphone, Cathy Bolzan and some of this week’s actors like no other. (©The Republican 47)

Across the department and more specifically in Marmandais, many events and meetings were organized as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

With a beautiful fence at Rainbow house ASAM, the road from Gontaud to Marmande and an example of a structure that welcomes people suffering.

Pierre Costes Award

It was an opportunity to meet new people around very beautiful exposurebut also rewarding the winners of the Pierre Costes prize, named after the former chairman of the supervisory board of the Hôpital de la candle. A prize that accompanies projects implemented by sick people.

And if only one candidate appeared for his first year last year, this year there were 5! “With beautiful, well-formulated projects,” explained Richard Campmas, director of La Candélie. We have therefore increased the total amount to recognize three collective projects and to support two others that were more individual projects.’

And it was the two Marmandai who made it to the podium: Cathy Bolzano for the painting workshops he leads on Quai 31 a Xavier de Scorraille for delivering his moving testimonial: “I dedicate this award to everyone because mental health affects everyone,” he said simply.

The 3rd prize went to 17-year-old Nadâ, who will create a website dedicated to suffering young people.

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