Malguénac: It’s also back to school at the football school

Malguénac: It’s also back to school at the football school

They are young and very motivated, encouraged by their coaches. ©Pontivy Journal

L’Malguénac Football Schoolclose to Pontives (Morbihan) resumed its activity on municipal land with the first training in the form of contact. The first session ended with a giant picnic in the company of parents and young football shooters under the command of manager Arnaud Tanguy. Almost 70 people gathered.

Between training and matches

It started seriously and all the teams met ten days ago in an exceptional way on the municipal football field. Training takes place every Wednesday at 14:00 for the U6s and U7s, who are currently around ten years old, under the responsibility of Mickaël Orhant.

Until All Saints and from March training takes place on the sports field, Guern then training from All Saints until February depending on the weather either on the Ajoncs field d’Or, route de Cléguérec or in bad weather, in the multi-purpose room.

It’s about getting to know the ball, playing a few ball games, warming up, practicing passing… U8 and U9, around fifteen, as well as U10 and U11, around ten, met you with Arnaud Tanguy and Anthony Samson, every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.: 45 at Ajoncs d’Or. If the first two categories compete on Saturday for the tray matches, which will allow them to meet their counterparts from the surrounding clubs, U10 and U11 will compete in half-court matches. They are part of the Evel sector.

It is important to note the great involvement of the parents, who support us and their children at every training session and do not hesitate to help us. They are very involved and that helps us a lot. We would also like to thank our various sponsors who made it possible for our children to run last year.

Arnaud Tanguy, head of the Malguénac football school

20 years in June 2023

In addition, the football school plans to organize various events aimed at strengthening the bonds between everyone around festivals such as Halloween, galette des rois…. before the 20th anniversary of the football school, a big party is planned for June 2023. There will also be a trip to Lorient to watch the big game.

It is always possible to join these lucky fighters. Girls are also welcome.

Practical information: information from Arnaud Tanguy on 06 88 42 50 25.

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