Lyons.  Kidnapping and organ trafficking in Part-Dieu: police respond to concerns

Lyons. Kidnapping and organ trafficking in Part-Dieu: police respond to concerns

There is a rumor of organ trafficking at the Part-Dieu station in Lyon. (© Nicolas Zaugra/ News Lyon)

It’s a story that’s growing tremendously. After rumors rocked the city of Marseille about a network of organ traffickers, it is Lyon’s turn to pay the price.

The rumor also spread in several cities in France: Metz, Rouen, Lille, Roubaix and even Paris.

Video viewed 4.5 million times

Last week, a video was posted on the social network Tick ​​Tock showed an exchange between a young woman and a person begging nearby Part-Dieu station, in which she asks to buy milk for her child. The clip, which lasts one minute, has been viewed 4.5 million times.


I am shocked anywhere to refuse this kind of request!!!!!#lyon#garepartdieu#organ trade

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“We come from Kosovo, we have no documents, we are refugees. Daughter, she’s hungry, she doesn’t have milk, she needs to be fed, please nurse,” begs the mother with the stroller behind her. The young woman filming the scene replies that she doesn’t have time. That he doesn’t follow strangers. “But it’s right there, there’s a pharmacy nearby. If you’re afraid of me, you can go over there and I’ll wait here for you,” he tries again.

“I was asked to do the same”

Testimonials poured in after this video. Many people claimed that they were victims of the same situation and that they “escaped”. removal. “I was asked the same thing three days ago”, “She took my arm to buy milk and diapers”, “She told me she knew a short way to the pharmacy”, describe several Internet users.

Some people then mention the existence of a long dark corridor far from the station where a person “disappears”. Other videos also link the death of Lola, killed by a woman in Paris and found in a suitcase.

The rumor spread to several social networks including Twitter.

Videos: currently on Actu


Have you met these people before?#lyon69 #marseillesaintcharles #traffic #for you

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Some are ironic with messages posted on the same social networks:

Risk of aggression and violence

Rumor spreading also causes a risk of aggression and violence. On Saturday, October 22nd, a TikTok user shares a video where she broadcasts stolen photos of a woman presented as “the one who wanted to kill me in Part-Dieu”. “Who wants to get a team together and go find out if it’s true? another will answer.

Three Romanians were lynched in Marseille in 2008, while the same rumors of abduction spread without any basis.

Police urge ‘caution’ against fake news

He asked about it from News from LyonThe departmental directorate of public security (DDSP) of Rhône states “itno recent complaints able to confirm that such practices could have occurred in the Lyon agglomeration with this modus operandi”. In addition to being false, the rumor would therefore be highly baseless.

We remind you that people with bad intentions who carry out processes aimed at misinforming the population are likely to be prosecuted. Spreading false news that could disturb the public peace is punishable by a fine of €45,000.

Departmental Directorate of Public Security of Rhône

Police are therefore urging internet users to remain “alert and wary of the phenomenon of fake news”.

(With Nicholas Zaugra)

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