Lyons.  Fire at the People & Baby crèche with children inside: it is necessary to close it

Lyons. Fire at the People & Baby crèche with children inside: it is necessary to close it

A fire in the kitchen in the presence of children at the People & Baby crèche in Lyon almost turned tragic on Tuesday, September 20. (©

According to information fromNews from Lyon, narrowly avoided tragedy on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at the People & Baby group nursery in Lyon after a fire started in the kitchen in the presence of children. Metropole demands its closure.

A fire breaks out with the four children alone inside

Around 17:00, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the Lunes & Etoiles nursery run by People & Baby, rue Richan, in the Croix Rousse district (4th arrondissement).

According to the interviewee’s neighbor News from Lyon, two nannies who had to take care of the children were stuck outside the crèche at the time of the fire. The same neighbor assured us that there were “four children” inside.

A closure is required during the investigation

BFM Lyon states that the Metropole de Lyon requests the administrative and temporary closure of this People & Baby crèche for three months. The period of the administrative investigation would correspond to this. If the investigation goes faster, the nursery will have the right to reopen its doors earlier.

The investigation will certainly make it possible to establish responsibility in these nurseries. According to the neighbor we interviewed, the children were left unattended: “The helpers left the children inside unattended and found themselves inexplicably trapped outside when the fire started,” he says.

Fortunately, firefighters intervened and broke down the building’s door. Four children passed a medical examination and none were intoxicated by fumes.

Requested News from LyonPeople & Baby still haven’t gotten back to us.

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An employee of the group killed an 11-month-old child

This incident happened a few months after a terrible tragedy rocked People & Baby. An 11-month-old child was killed by an employee overwhelmed by tears at a group crèche in Lyon. It indicates nurseries that are permanently closed FranceInfo this Wednesday, September 21.

The employee was charged and jailed for “manslaughter”. Since this tragedy, there have been many testimonies about the private group and its methods, which run 700 crèches in France.

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