Lyons.  A fire in a nursery with children: People & Baby comes from silence

Lyons. A fire in a nursery with children: People & Baby comes from silence

At the heart of the controversy in Lyon is the new People & Baby crèche. (© Nicolas Zaugra/ News Lyon)

NEWS INFO LYON. News nursery of the People & Baby group is at the heart of the riots in Lyon.

Several months after the death of an 11-month-old child poisoned by an employee in the 3rd arrondissement, a fire broke out at a creche in Croix Rousse with the children inside. Two auxiliaries were blocked in the yard.

Announced administrative closure

News from Lyon revealed the facts this Wednesday, September 21, 2022: this Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the People & Baby nursery in the 4th arrondissement. Several children were present inside, but two employees remained stuck in the inner courtyard.

It was neighbors and parents who called the fire department, who were able to get in to control the fire and evacuate the children.

The prefect of Rhône announced on Wednesday evening a administrative closure for three months while the police have launched an investigation to determine whether there was negligence. How could the children find themselves alone in the nursery when the fire started?

The door “slammed”, the children were stuck inside alone

Requested News from Lyonthe group sent us “discussion points” to present their version of the facts.

According to People & Baby, the nursery “slammed the door and blocked two professionals in the garden for several minutes.” “They had to react quickly by alerting the fire brigade when they found themselves in the garden of their crèche blocked by slamming the entrance door to the garden between two changing of the children,” continued the group, which manages 700 crèches in France.

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They had he left a tea towel on the stove in the kitchen who was starting to smoke’ and ‘no child was fussing or crying’. Interviewed neighbor News from Lyon he claims to have heard two children crying.

Emergency exit door wedges are prohibited in nurseries, so some doors sometimes close with drafts. Trips to the gardens of our nursery at any time of the day are free and recommended. Thanks to the firefighters for their help. They arrived in less than 5 minutes and were able to unlock the door.

People and child

People & Baby are fighting back

In its official statement, People & Baby tries to minimize the facts by explaining that the department controller “was also informed that the police, who were moving with the fire department, questioned two professionals last night without any questioning and for good reason. : they were just blocked in the nursery garden by a door that slammed shut. »

People & Baby explains that the nursery was inspected by the services department after the fire broke out. “The department came to inspect the crèche at the beginning of the afternoon, the inspector stated that she was satisfied she had all the details required, she requested, as set out in the proceedings, a written report of the events that took place.”

An appeal was launched against its closure

The daycare operator says it is challenging the prefecture’s closure order issued Wednesday night.

“People & Baby challenges this closure request and challenges the prefecture because it has no legitimate character and demonstrates the department’s intransigence against private nurseries,” the group assures that News from Lyon.

“The regulation is not legally justified, People & Baby tonight filed an appeal against this brutal decision, completely unfair, unmotivated and making it difficult for 11 parents of daycare the previous day for the next day,” regrets the company, which has decided to permanently close its other daycare center in the 3rd arrondissement , where the child was poisoned last June.

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