Lorraine.  Thousands of videos and photos containing child pornography were found on the four men

Lorraine. Thousands of videos and photos containing child pornography were found on the four men

Among the suspects arrested in Meurthe-et-Moselle are two men of unknown justice. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

Thursday, September 22, 2022, five menincluding father and son, were arrested in Meurthe et Moselleas part of an operation to combat child crime.

It all started from one initiative of public prosecutor in Nancy, Francois Perrain.

The prosecutor’s office in Nancy was convinced through several files that the download of files containing child pornography is a more common phenomenon than it seems. A serious act, because consuming images of child pornography means participating in their circulation. It also means treating the victims as sexual objects, fantasies. In addition, the perpetrators who consult, distribute and upload these videos and photos believe that they have some impunity because these crimes are committed in private. They feel that nothing can happen to them because they are quietly at home, behind the computer.

Francois PerrainState Attorney Nancy

Four potential suspects

To combat this sense of impunity, cyber gendarmes of Metz Research Section were mobilized and focused onjudicial district of Nancy.

A work that made it possible to identify, and quickly, four potential targets.

A total of four persons suspected of crimes against children were identified. Particularly fast identification thanks to techniques that have developed a lot and which make it possible to identify persons who commit such acts relatively quickly in a limited area. Because you should know that child pornography files are encoded, but that these encodings can be read from the outside.

Francois PerrainState Attorney Nancy

Five arrests and searches

Therefore, on Thursday, September 22, the soldiers of the Meurthe-et-Moselle gendarmerie group carried out i.arrest of five persons and search were executed.

Everyone was taken into custody. However, the son, arrested at the same time as his father, was acquitted of guilt.

Two unknown men of justice

Among the defendants are 64 year old pensionerwhich resides at Drouville. Investigators found out 600 images and 238 videos of child pornographyruns from 2019 to 2022.

Videos: currently on Actu

On Thursday 23 September, the man was brought before a magistrate as part of a pre-plea appearance, unknown to justicewas sentenced to 12 months in prison suspendedin one duty of care and in one no contact with minors. It will also be registered with a set of sex or violent offenders.

The second individual is a The 53-year-old interimwho lives in Rechicourt-la-Petite. total, 30,000 videos as 228,000 child pornography photos were seized from his home, withdrawn between April 2021 and September 2022.

It’s a man again unknown to justice. He too was brought before a magistrate during a plea hearing. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison suspendedin one duty of care and to prohibition of contact with minors. He too will be registered a set of sex or violent offenders.

56-year-old man punished several times

They are among those arrested 57 year old manwhich resides at Nancy and who works as a domestic helper. his home no document child pornography was found. But, that’s explained. In 2010, he was 50 years old convicted after downloading child pornography files. So this time he was taken care of delete all. However, downloading such videos leaves traces.

The latest suspect is a The 56-year-old interimresiding at Nancyin legal relapses. his home 64,000 files, recorded between January and August 2022, have been found. The individual was convicted in 2007 for similar actsin 2008 for sexual assault and child pornographyand in 2013 for recording, possessing and distributing child pornography.

The two fifties will be judged in instant appearance.

Create a sense of insecurity among child criminals

If the prosecutor of Nancy, François Pérain, readily admits that “ four arrests is not a lot”, specifies thatthe operation will be repeated in order to create a sense of insecurity among child criminals.

and Lieutenant Colonel Stephanie Serratdeputy officer of the judicial police of the Meurthe-et-Moselle departmental gendarmerie group, moreover, promises to “increase the strength of this type of operation” especially with the support of the research section of Metz.

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