Loire-Atlantique: a beautiful couple’s honeymoon turns into a nightmare

Loire-Atlantique: a beautiful couple’s honeymoon turns into a nightmare

A court in Saint-Nazaire sentenced a young man to 10 months in prison ©Jacqueline Perraud / L’Écho de la Presqu’île

As evidenced by the photos on the young woman’s Facebook account, they were a beautiful couple, but they will be very fleeting. While they have been together for a few months, today she “doesn’t want to see him anymore” and the 32-year-old Nazairian “wants to get treatment and hopes that maybe one day he will find her”.

“I Feel Guilty”

On Monday 19 September 2022, he was in the accused box, prosecuted for violence and damage committed on Wednesday 14 and harassment since the beginning of their relationship in Batz-sur-Mer, Le Croisic and Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique). She had told him about the breakup the day before.

From there, the Nazarite insulted her profusely. This drunk businessman followed her with his truck and hit her car twice.

He followed her everywhere, to work, to school… President Cécile Capeau asks her: “What was your intention?” »

The 30-year-old man doesn’t really have an answer: “Nothing at all, I’m sorry”. In the presence of his father, he adds: “Sober, it’s fine, alcoholic, I’m aggressive”.

According to him, at the time of the events, he was “a little alcoholic” (1.60 g per liter of blood.) Knowing that he had finished treatment for addiction to alcohol, including other products, in March. …

“I was scared in the car”

The victim did not attend the immediate court hearing but said: “He can have a bottle of rum in the afternoon.” His companion’s son, aged 7 and a half, testified: “He never hit his mother, but he often pushed her. In the car, when he followed us with his truck, I was afraid.’

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State Attorney Jennifer Lebreton explains that several text messages sent to her partner show her jealousy. The defendant continues: “It was that she understood.”

The magistrate asks her: “Let him understand what? No hesitation: “How I love him!” The dialogue continues:

“It’ll end badly, you’ll regret it, dear old bitch”, are these words of love? »

The answer is laconic: “Well, no. I feel guilty”. He knows the nudge and nods as he brings up the news and the truck episode.

The prosecutor admits he is “disappointed”. Again condemning the companion “who takes out his frustration only through violence and harassment”, he emphasizes that he has already dealt with his former companions in this way.

Placement under the electronic bracelet

In his argument Mr.E Julie Conta points out that her excesses began after her mother’s death; that he is anxious and that his previous convictions do not prove his violence. Requests dismissal for harassment: “Madam will submit a medical certificate without interruption of work”.

When he mentions his client’s father and sister, the defendant breaks down in tears.

The court follows the demands of the indictment: twelve months in prison, four of which are suspended, and the revocation of the two-month suspension. However, it does not state the required deposit, but the placement under the electronic bracelet.

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