Listeria: massive recall of free-range chickens

Listeria: massive recall of free-range chickens

Listeria: massive recall of free-range chickens
Several free-range chickens sold at 4 different supermarkets are being recalled due to listeria. © Adobe Stock

If you recently bought a free-range chicken at the supermarket, don’t eat it. Several batches of chicken have been recalled by health authorities. We’ll give you a list.

Pulled free range chickens

A few free range chickens, they sell in four supermarkets various are subject to a massive download for suspected listeria. They are :

  • “Poultry stall” in Lidl,
  • “Coril” at Aldi,
  • “Leader Price” product in Franprix,
  • “Every day” in the casino.

Check the lot number

To find out if this applies to your purchase, check the batch number on the product label.

  • Lidl, lot 5412190087 and 5412190087, expiry date 9 November,
  • Aldi, lot 5412190071, expiry date 7 November,
  • Franprix, lot 5412190095, expiry date 7 November.
  • Casino, lot 5412190093, expiration date November 7.

Return this product to the supermarket: your money will be refunded. Otherwise, discard the chicken.

What is the risk of eating these chickens?

“People who have consumed the above products and are showing symptoms feverisolated or accompanied headacheand pain, they are encouraged to consult their attending physician and inform him of this consumption”. This is a government advisory on the website of symptoms to be monitored for eight weeksincubation period of listeriosis.

Serious neurological complications…

The listeriosis it is not benign. He can lead to serious forms with some neurological complications, especially at fruit. “Pregnant women, as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly, should be especially wary of these symptoms,” the government says.

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