Let’s cover.  What solutions to improve the health offer?

Let’s cover. What solutions to improve the health offer?

Spaces are available on rue de la Liberation. ©Thomas CHERBONNEL

While the territory of the Coëvrons suffers in particular from a lack of medical personnel, several solutions were mentioned during the course public meeting, held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

Inevitably, when we talk about health, one of the first elements that comes to mind is the construction of a nursing home. A problem that is not from today. “At the évronnais level, we are talking about a real estate project for a care home for three or four terms. It’s a sea snake,” he explains Joël Balandraud, Mayor of Évron and the president Community of Coëvrons.

If for now, brand new building he didn’t show up.

A multi-professional health center exists and has been created with a house, rue de la Liberation, which has been made available by the community of communes and for more than 10 years has been investing and reinvesting the land in terms of providing offices, spaces. This required investment.

Joel Balandraud

The premises in question are rented by doctors.

The new nursing home building should be built on the site of the local hospital in Evron.
The new nursing home building should be built on the site of the local hospital in Evron. ©Thomas CHERBONNEL

When is the new building?

However, in order for a multi-professional health center to develop, it must have a building that allows working in good conditions.

I am convinced that a good real estate project is a real factor in attracting young people. I’m sure if we do a nursing home and have a great project around it, we’ll make it more attractive.

Joel Balandraud

The construction project has been ongoing since it was entrusted with project management Development of Mayenne Laval. The choice of location is almost fixed. A future health center should see the light of day in the area local hospital.

The referent was also selected to take into account the expectations of health professionals.

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While some residents are under the impression that this file is not progressing, president of 3C explains: “We work on ecological projects. Health workers must all talk to each other to write a health project. What did they do “. The goal is to avoid building a building without having to install doctors in it.

A modular building will be installed

More answers will be provided shortly. and October 4ththe community of municipalities will deliver a modular building that will arrive at the parking lot of the nursing home.

“The ordering time for a modular building is more than six months. If it happens in October, it’s because we didn’t wait until September to take care of it,” says Joël Balandraud.

New Doctor in November

This building will be used quickly from new doctor should arrive in November.

Other events will be implemented in a short time. “We will welcome a nurse in advanced practice in mid-October. In cooperation with the doctor, he will be able to carry out certain prescription renewals. He will also be able to do health prevention… This will mean that I or my colleagues will probably be able to get a few new patients, because we will get rid of some consultations,” he explains. Doctor Romaric Andre.

Another track mentioned: an unscheduled care center run by retired doctors. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Another possible solution, which is still in the project phase: the arrival of young doctors just from practice.

Since we will have additional offices that are yet to be filled, the idea is to work with doctors who are leaving their internships in November. What I would like to do is attract a doctor for a year. They come to take new patients under our responsibility. We coach them, instruct them, take care of the management of the company.

Doctor Romaric Andre

Teleconsultation booths

In the meantime, there are alternative solutions, such as the use of teleconsultation booths, although “it is a solution that is not perfect”, admits the health professional. Several local pharmacies offer this service.

Doctor Romaric André sums up the situation in colorful words. “We are creating an oasis in the desert. We will try to push back the desert by developing an oasis”. Hoping that no grain of sand stops the mechanics.

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